Simple Diet Additions to Subtract Weight

When you’re trying to lose weight, sometimes it’s not what you cut out of your diet but what you add to it. While there’s no magic food, ingredient or pill that will melt off pounds, research is showing some nutrients can add oomph to your weight loss efforts. Continue reading “Simple Diet Additions to Subtract Weight”

10 Low-Cal Meals in a Flash

SubscribeButton-web10 low cal mealsNow that spring is here, you’re done with hibernating and are ready to get out and go. When you’re on the run or don’t feel like spending time inside cooking, don’t just grab anything. Mindless eating is a sure-fire way to pack on the pounds. Instead, turn to these quick, healthy, low-calorie meals: Continue reading “10 Low-Cal Meals in a Flash”

Eat Your Way to Healthier Sleep

SubscribeButton-websleepLong work weeks are interfering with sleep for millions of Americans, according to a new study released by the National Sleep Foundation on March 3, 2008. The survey of 1,000 people showed that most of us average just six hours and 40 minutes of sleep a night, far below the seven and a half to eight hours recommended by medical experts. Continue reading “Eat Your Way to Healthier Sleep”

Good Nutrition Fuels Healthy Child Development

SubscribeButton-webnutrition child developmentDuring childhood, optimal nutrition is critical to proper growth and development. Unfortunately, many children today don’t receive adequate amounts of key vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. Experts have identified the following vitamins and minerals as especially vital for promoting a child’s long-term health: Continue reading “Good Nutrition Fuels Healthy Child Development”

Add Calcium to Your Weight-Loss Tool Kit

Your mom knew what she was talking about when she told you to drink your milk for strong bones. And “Got Milk?” has become part of our lexicon. So most of us have gotten the message that calcium is important for healthy bones. But did you know calcium also can help you lose weight?
Researchers compiling the results of five studies were surprised to learn a higher intake of calcium was associated with a lower BMI and body weight. In fact, women weighed an average of 18 pounds less for every 1,000 mg of calcium they consumed! Continue reading “Add Calcium to Your Weight-Loss Tool Kit”

Bye, Bye, Belly!

Weight loss isn’t just about looking good; it’s about improving your health. While none of us prize a poochy tummy, belly fat can also be dangerous. A bulging belly is usually made up of two types of fat: visceral and subcutaneous. Subcutaneous fat lies just under the skin and is the most noticeable. Visceral fat, which still contributes to your girth, lies under the abdominal muscle and surrounds vital organs. The more visceral fat you have, the greater your chance of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Continue reading “Bye, Bye, Belly!”

More on Women’s Health

SubscribeButton-webwomenshealth1-webWomen are often juggling multiple balls in the air managing family, home and work. Unfortunately, they may shortchange themselves in the process. But good health is something that can’t be pushed to the backburner. Women have special, complex health issues. Reliv addresses these issues on many fronts starting with one key formula just for women: SoySentials®. Continue reading “More on Women’s Health”

Count on Calcium for Life

SubscribeButton-webMIlk-webAs the Boomer Generation continues to age, the prevalence of osteoporosis is skyrocketing. Yet, most people may not realize that osteoporosis is not a normal part of aging. Rather, the fragile state of our bones is the result of a generation of poor eating habits. Modern convenience foods have left our bodies hungry for basic nutrients — like calcium. And for our children, who’ve grown up drinking soda instead of milk, the prognosis is even worse. Continue reading “Count on Calcium for Life”