September 2013 Recognition


Congratulations to these business builders who made a big impact in September!

Jana Jones from Tennessee
Jack & Nancy McCarron from New Hampshire

Lydia & Randall Dice from Michigan

10. Susan & Tom McConnell from Indiana     $1000
9. Florence & Elo Sauder from CANADA     $1100
8. Chris & Karin Ederer from Minnesota     $1200
7. Karen & Ron Turner from Utah     $1300
6. David & Mary Jane Gehman from Pennsylvania     $1400
5. Aurora & Raul Paredes from Texas     $1500
4. Gary & Laura Lynn Martin from CANADA     $1750
3. Eileen & James Tesch from Michigan     $2000
2. Steve & Joyce Holthaus from Illinois     $2250
1. Lydia & Randall Dice from Michigan     $2500

All above are Dr. Ted Plaque winners

Elizabeth & Kenneth Andrews from New York
Sue Brusa from New Hampshire
Lori & Russ Doerneman from Kansas
Crismon & Vivienne Lewis from Oregon



Canadian Snowbirds Fly South in the Summer



National Sales Manager for Reliv Canada Mark Lewis shares an update on all the excitement happening as we celebrate Canada Day!

Every winter, hundreds of Canadians head south to Florida to spend our cold months enjoying some Florida sun. This year, these “snowbirds” have company from another great group of Canadians heading down South this summer to help Reliv celebrate 25 fantastic years of changing people’s lives for the better.

Canadian distributors have been getting ready for this trek south, sharing the news of Reliv’s health and business opportunity with countless new people and inviting them to take part in the Orlando celebrations. June 7th and 8th saw a special event held in Windsor, Ontario. Special guests Presidential Silver Ambassador Denise Williams and new Ambassador Mair Hill premiered the new Opportunity slides, educating the room on the major advantages our LunaRich products give us in the exciting new field of epigenetics. They also inspired everyone with the importance of making sure they were in the room at conference.

Traian and Carolyn Florica were the local Canadian Ambassadors hosting the event with help from their upline, Tim and Elizabeth Hogan. Local Distributors Mary Klassen and Kathy Sulja helped ensure everything was set up and ready to go for the event which brought out a large number of new people as well as Distributors such as Neli Pohanka, Herb and Michele Fox, John and Linda Penner and other great local Reliv supporters.

Becky Bauman, Candie Brubacher and Diane Martin made the trek down from the Kitchener Wateroo area for the event, where great things are happening. Candie and Diane let me know that they’ve been working on something special for the Kalogris Rally that will inspire and entertain. Local Ambassadors Gary and Laura Lynn Martin and Florence and Elo Sauder are leading the way in KW, inspiring, teaching, sharing, sponsoring and the distributors in the area are sharing the empowering message of Reliv wide and far.

Last but certainly not least, great things are happening with Reliv in Alberta. New Ambassador Anne Driedger, Distributors Susan Driedger, Margaret Dyck and other committed local distributors are helping to grow Reliv in La Crete and other local communities. They’re expanding Reliv throughout the province and taking it across the prairies.

Reliv Canada is excited, inspired and ready to grow even more. We’re proud to being helping to celebrate Reliv’s 25th birthday and know the best is yet to come!

May 2013 Recognition

Congratulations to these business builders who made a big impact in May!

Kevin Hinton, IL

Trish & Doug Fischer, CO
Ura & Betty Gingerich, WI
Abdi Hashi, ND
Crismon & Vivienne Lewis, OR
Aurora & Raul Paredes, TX
Amy & Mark Thomas, PA
Tracy Wickenhauser, IL


 Top 5 PGPV:
1. Gary and Laura Lynn Martin, Millbank, ON
2. Florence & Elo Sauder, Wallenstein, ON
3. Greg & Zeni Hunt, Vineland, ON
4. Marvin & Judy Diefenbacher, Drayton, ON
5. Keith & Rosanna Heatwole, Stratton, ON

My Story: Jen and Jason Arntz

Reliv Freedom Brings a Couple Closer Together

Jason Arntz, 24, was inspired to become a Reliv Distributor in college after witnessing improvements in his mother’s health.

As a college student, however, Jason was initially more interested in having fun than starting a business. “I didn’t really care about nutrition at that point. I think my body’s chemical makeup was basically soda and pizza,” he jokes. For three years, Jason didn’t do much to build his business. Continue reading “My Story: Jen and Jason Arntz”