Business Savvy: Cohleen Bischoff

Bischoff-webName: Cohleen Bischoff

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Gigs: Reliv, retired musician

Reliv regimen: LunaRich X

Nowhere to turn: Reliv came into my life nine years ago. I was 77 and had used nutritional supplements regularly but given up hope of finding anything that really made a difference. Reliv gave me great, measurable results in weeks! I was thrilled to have finally found effective, life-changing nutrition.

Business savvy: Any thought of a business seemed pretty unrealistic given my resume as a retired musician and widow of 14 years, not to mention dismal networking experience. The incomparable Reliv company and business opportunity soon taught me otherwise.

A step above the rest: Thanks to Reliv, I’m enjoying a life far healthier and more active in my mid-80s than my peers. Reliv has added a vital, new dimension to my life as I share this “hope in can and capsule” with others.

Super Results, Super Opportunity

Goltiao-webRudy and Aggie Goltiao, Morgan Hill, California

Aggie placed an order and got us started right away after our good friend, Sonny Mitchell, told us about Reliv. I had a triple bypass in 1998 at age 54 and have been going to the doctor every six months for blood testing because the maintenance drugs can damage my liver. I was looking for something natural to get my high cholesterol and my health under control.

I started taking Reliv Now® and LunaRich  X™ on a fairly regular basis. When I saw real results, I got serious about making Reliv a part of my daily regimen. I knew I had found something that worked, and my doctor confirmed it. My cholesterol has come back into the normal range thanks to Reliv.

Opportunity of a Lifetime
For 27 years I ran the Chevron station in San Jose. It’s hard to find time to go on vacation with a store that’s always open. With Reliv I’m no longer limited to the shop’s radius for customers — I can do my business worldwide. I even have a customer in Maryland! And we don’t have to mess with having employees or overhead expenses.

My downline Distributors caught on to the LunaRich® Super Pack and we’ve seen our business explode — we reached Key Director in May. It’s a pleasure to introduce people to Reliv. We’re helping people earn money through the business and save money on healthcare by preventing problems before they start.

Endless Benefits with Reliv: Lisa Lyon

Lyon-webName: Lisa Lyon

Hometown: Franklin, MI

Gigs: Reliv, stay-at-home mom

Reliv regimen: Reliv Now®, LunaRich X™, Innergize!®, FibRestore®, 24K™, ReversAge®, ProVantage®, Cardiosentials®, Reliv skincare

Family focus: I worked for a great company with wonderful people and had great assignments. But my husband’s career requires him to travel at a moment’s notice. When we started a family, I could not imagine our stressful lifestyle had I kept my full-time job. And nothing beats working for myself as a Reliv Distributor.

Endless benefits: Being an entrepreneur with patented products that support wellness is a gift. I am able to be a supportive mother and wife while running my business. Reliv’s mission to Nourish Our World is inspiring and purposeful. I can feel good about introducing Reliv to others.

Responsible for life: I now have a greater sense of accountability to live a healthy life. It is part of my job description, and I empower others to follow my lead.

How to Achieve Success with the LunaRich Super Pack



Extra Incentive
People see the value and simplicity of the LunaRich® Super Pack right away — especially the MA Super Pack. It gave reluctant prospects of mine the extra incentive to sign on as MAs, and they moved nine Super Packs right away. I have a new reason to approach and re-approach everyone on my list. I’m so excited about LunaRich and what’s happening at Reliv and it shows! – Diane Everett, Pinckney, Michigan

Simple Success
I’ve been working Reliv very part time for 11 years, but I earned my first Reliv trip in April with the help of the Super Pack. It simplifies the business, which makes talking about Reliv easier for new people. You don’t have to be a nutrition scientist; you just tell people to drink Reliv Now® shakes and take LunaRich X™ capsules every day. When their health results come — which they always do — they’re ready to build their own business right along with you. – Dave Zuro, Crestwood, Illinois

Easy Decision
The Super Pack simplifies the decision to get started. It directs people to the products to start on (Reliv Now and LunaRich X) and the profit level to start at (25% discount or MA Super Pack). Combined with the reduced profit level qualifications introduced this year, the Master Affiliate Super Pack makes the decision to go MA much easier. Instead of wondering how they are going to move thousands in volume, prospective MAs think, “I can move nine Super Packs!” – Paul Collins of Goffstown, New Hampshire 

Instant Earnings
We ordered our first Master Affiliate (MA) Super Pack the day they launched.  Before the order even arrived home, we had sold it and earned an instant $500! From there, we just kept moving Super Packs and worked our way onto the Quebec City trip. The Super Pack is the fastest strategy to sponsor and advance people within your organization. The key to success is to be prepared when opportunity arises, and your opportunity is the LunaRich Super Pack. – Rita and Jaime Montenegro, San Jose, CA

From Surviving to Thriving: Mindy Jones Achieves Reliv Hall of Fame


It’s shocking to hear Presidential Platinum Ambassador and new Hall of Fame member Mindy Jones say that she isn’t a natural salesperson. After all, she has achieved Reliv’s highest Distributor ranks, taken more than 100 Reliv trips and enjoys financial freedom she never thought possible. Continue reading “From Surviving to Thriving: Mindy Jones Achieves Reliv Hall of Fame”

An Amazing Life: Susan McConnell

McConnel-web“I’m a retired school teacher now teaching people how to get what they want out of life,” says Susan McConnell of Gaston, IN. “It started when I asked a doctor if there was a nutritional approach to better health and he introduced me to Reliv. Two weeks later I had energy like a child and felt amazing!”

Susan decided to take a closer look at the business opportunity. “I went to one of the meetings and was blown away,” she says, “I left as a Distributor. I wanted to tell every single person I knew about Reliv.” Three and a half years later she could retire from teaching, now earning $10,000 more than her teacher’s salary through Reliv.

LunaRich has ignited a new wave of business growth for Susan. “LunaRich has increased the excitement for Reliv products,” she says. “The science of epigenetics and the proven health benefits are gaining everyone’s attention.”

October 2013 Recognition

congrats_reliv_business_builders-645x368Congratulations to these business builders who made a big impact in October!

Tom & Linda Tighe from Ohio

MASTER DIRECTORS: (each receives a $2,000 bonus)
Roger & Donna Brady from Oregon
Jenifer & Doug Latawiec from Minnesota
Jeffrey & Jodi Sugrue from South Dakota
Deborah & James Weaver from Virginia
Gregory & Barbara Zebro from Minnesota

KEY DIRECTORS:  each receives a $500 bonus
Jacqueline Bell from California
Linda Birney from California
Jeffrey & Catherine Burgard from Illinois
Marlys & Norman Christiansen from Minnesota
Ivan & Carolyn Grove from Pennsylvania
Darla & Dean Posner from Nebraska
Elizabeth Weaver from Ohio
Scott & Dawn Weaver from Pennsylvania
Christy & Larry Wilson from Georgia

            *** All are Dr. Ted plaque winners
10. David & Mary Jane Gehman from Pennsylvania  $1,000
9. Trish & Doug Fischer from Colorado  $1,100
8. Scott & Dawn Weaver from Pennsylvania  $1,200
7. Susan & Tom McConnell from Indiana  $1,300
6. Kathy Tennihan from South Carolina  $1,400
5. David & Betty Blazic from Kansas  $1,500
4. Karin & Chris Ederer from Minnesota  $1,750
3. Ura & Betty Gingerich from Wisconsin  $2,000
2. Crismon & Vivienne Lewis from Oregon  $2,250
1. Florence & Elo Sauder from Canada  $2,500

Sue Brusa from New Hampshire
Caroline & Traian Florica from Canada
Mair Hill from Illinois
Kelly & Ryan May from Nevada
Gloria Nowack from Missouri
Mark & Amy Thomas from Pennsylvania
Barbara & Mark Verbonich from California
Rhoda & Paul Yoder from Indiana

10. Florence & Elo Sauder from Canada  $1,000
9. Steve & Joyce Holthaus from Illinois  $1,500
8. Trish & Doug Fischer from Colorado  $2,000
7. Aurora & Raul Paredes from Texas  $2,250
6. Eileen & James Tesch from Michigan  $2,500
5. Kathy Tennihan from South Carolina  $3,000
4. Ura & Betty Gingerich from Wisconsin  $3,500
3. David & Betty Blazic from Kansas  $4,000
2. Karin & Chris Ederer from Minnesota  $5,000
1. Crismon & Vivienne Lewis from Oregon  $6,000