What is the Reliv Revolution?

sherri What is the Reliv Revolution?
A) Current initiative to refresh, revitalize and reinvigorate Reliv
B) Original vision to change lives — at the heart of Reliv since 1988
C) 2011 Reliv International Conference
D) All of the above

The current Revolution includes our brand new image, a new breakthrough product in 24K™, new business
tools and a whole new attitude. The result: sponsoring is way up, momentum is building and Distributors are reaping the rewards.

As a business builder, you’re also very familiar with choice B. Since the beginning, Reliv’s products and business opportunity have helped thousands of people break free from unhealthy lifestyles and unrewarding work to live life to the fullest. And the goals of that revolution will never change.

So how about choice C? Have you registered for conference? Are you rallying your organization around the year’s premier Reliv event? With excitement and momentum building, Reliv is primed for massive growth, and International Conference will accelerate that growth like nothing else. Don’t miss your chance to be at
the center of it all!

Correct Answer: D
You are in the right position at the right time to fully seize the Reliv opportunity. You are the Reliv Revolution!

~as seen in June MA

New Master Affiliate!

3.11MA_Cover By now, you’ve probably noticed that the Master Affiliate newsletter has a new look! What do you think?

The changes include:

  • a fresh, new design that incorporates the Reliv Brand Standards
  • new content – and more of it!
  • a greener impact – now printed on 100% FSC certified recycled paper

To view and print the March issue of Master Affiliate, click here.

Tell us what you think of the changes! Share your comments right here on the Business Builders Blog.