Little Time? Little Bits of Exercise Still Pay Off

SubscribeButton-weblittle timeProbably the biggest hurdle to exercising for most people is time. We’re always on the go (behind the wheel), then once we meet all our daily responsibilities, it seems there’s no time left for exercise. But researchers from Indiana University say “snippets” of walking may be just as good, if not better, than one long exercise session. Continue reading “Little Time? Little Bits of Exercise Still Pay Off”

Ahoy! Simple Snack Solutions

SubscribeButton-websnack solutionsGreat news on the weight loss front: snacks are an important part of your weight loss plan. As long as you don’t indulge with wild abandon, snacks can satisfy your treat cravings so you don’t feel deprived. And that means you’re less likely to jump ship on your weight loss voyage. The key is to pay attention to what you’re eating, savor every bite, and keep track of your daily calories. Continue reading “Ahoy! Simple Snack Solutions”

Rev Up Your Metabolism

Your metabolism is the engine that runs your body. Fuel it right and it runs at optimum levels to keep off weight by burning more calories. But when you clog your engine with poor food and lifestyle choices, your body tends to become sluggish and pounds can pile up. So learn how to power up your metabolism to keep off the weight — and maybe even lose some pounds while you’re at it! Continue reading “Rev Up Your Metabolism”