Reliv Book Club: Don Gibbons



I have a full library of books, both fiction and non-fiction. I read almost every day; it’s the last thing I do before dropping off to sleep. What’s interesting is that now much of my reading happens on a Kindle, which I have mixed emotions about! I’ve built an electronic library, but it’s hard to display! Continue reading “Reliv Book Club: Don Gibbons”

Reliv Book Club: Mary Rockwell



By Reliv Ambassador Mary Rockwell of Coupeville, Washington

Book: Pushing Up People

Author: Art Williams

What is the main lesson you learned from this book? When I first read this book, I was sure it was written by [Reliv Chairman & CEO] Bob Montgomery!  Pushing Up People is all about realizing that people are our greatest asset. That’s how a football coach created a company “where sales people are king.”  It compares the difference between management and leadership at the beginning of each chapter and talks a lot about how to treat people; to help them believe in themselves; to encourage; to praise, but not to criticize.

A quote that stood out to me: I think my favorite paragraph is on page 111, “I believe that when you approach people to join your company, you can’t just sell them a job.  People are sick of jobs … they want you to offer them a dream and the opportunity to make it come true.  If you can offer people a chance to do something special with their lives, a chance to dream again, you’ve given them the kind of motivation to succeed that they’ll never have if you just give them a set of duties.”

One practical piece of advice from this book? I can introduce people to the fundamentals and the elements of the Reliv System. I can teach them the structure and basics, but what they need to go along with that is the dream to get them through the bad times to the sunshine and light which always comes. That desire for a better life must come from within each person.

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You Could Win This Book By Thursday


Title: You Can Be Rich by Thursday: The Secrets of Making a Fortune in Multi-Level Marketing

Author: Tom Pinnock, Reliv Hall of Famer

A quote that stood out to me: “After all, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you are never going to get ahead by working for someone else.”

What is the main lesson you learned from this book? Finding the right multi-level marketing company for you is essential. Do your homework and once you’ve decided on a company, work hard now so that you won’t have to later.

One practical piece of advice from this book: Following up with people is key; you have to treat your business like a business to be successful.

This book is an ideal pick for: People who are new to MLMs, as well as seasoned Distributors who could use a fresh perspective and brush up on the basics. It’s a perfect gift for someone interested in joining Reliv, because it gives a great depiction of what being in this business is actually like.

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Reliv Book Club: Joyce Ferguson




Joyce Ferguson

Reliv Ambassador Joyce Ferguson shares her suggestions for the Reliv Book Club! Have you read this book or have a suggestion to share? Leave it in the comments below! 

Book: Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard

Authors: Chip Heath and Dan Heath

What is the main lesson you learned from this book? I’ve enjoyed the entire book, so it’s hard to cite one specific passage. The whole book is full of stories of great changes wrought in organizations and companies by people without great power or influence using small substantive efforts. This book has helped me realize that big things can happen from small efforts.

What is one practical piece of advice from this book? My favorite concept from this book is “Bright Spot Thinking,” which asks us to zero in on what is going well and duplicate it. We’re challenged to pay less attention to what is going wrong and complaining about the size of the problem.

A quotation that stood out to me: “You are simply asking yourself, ‘What’s working and how can we do more of it?’

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