Managing Men’s Health


The basics of good health are well known: eat a healthy diet, be physically active, don’t smoke, etc. Still, regular health checkups and screenings for men can fall low on the priority list. It’s certainly not enjoyable to think about potential health problems, but in many cases early detection is critical to the success of treatment for maladies common to men (prostate cancer, skin cancer, diabetes and heart problems). Continue reading “Managing Men’s Health”

Reliv Helps Me Fight Fires

scan0001Clark Graves, Dacula, Georgia

As a firefighter, I participate in very physical drills that involve tasks like dragging a heavy hose around, jumping and pulling people from buildings. After the drills, we record our blood pressure, pulse rate and other vital statistics. After taking Reliv, my battalion chief noticed that my numbers were the best of my entire group. He thinks that what I’m taking works the best when comparing my results with people taking other products. Reliv has allowed me to fall asleep easier, stay asleep longer and better handle the stress of my job. Reliv helps me be in the best shape possible to serve my community!