CoQ10 May Reduce Muscle Injuries

SubscribeButton-webmuscle injuriesAthletes of all levels may have a new nutritional ally in the fight against muscle fatigue and injury. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in the British Journal of Nutrition reported that elite Japanese kendo athletes who consumed coenzyme Q10 during 20 days of rigorous training had significantly lower levels of key markers associated with increased wear and tear of muscles, than those who did not supplement with CoQ10. Continue reading “CoQ10 May Reduce Muscle Injuries”

My Story: Niki Oudenaarden

Niki Oudenaarden, Record-breaking heptathlete

St. Albert, Canada

photo courtesy of Chris Colbourne/St. Albert Gazette


Life in Athletics: Started competing in track and field at age 10. Owner of multiple provincial high school track and field records. Gold medal winner in the heptathlon (100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200m, long jump, javelin and 800m) at the Legion Canadian Youth Track and Field Championships. Currently training for the World Youth Championships. Continue reading “My Story: Niki Oudenaarden”

My Story: Joshua Fleagle

Joshua Fleagle, Nationally ranked swimmer at age 17
St. Marys, Ohio
Life in Athletics: Qualified for 2012 Olympic trials in 50m freestyle and nearly there in 100m. Competes in national Grand Prix events against former Olympians — usually the youngest in the pool by 3+ years. Plans to use 2012 Olympic trials as a springboard for Olympic bid in 2016. Continue reading “My Story: Joshua Fleagle”