My Story: Joshua Fleagle

Joshua Fleagle, Nationally ranked swimmer at age 17
St. Marys, Ohio
Life in Athletics: Qualified for 2012 Olympic trials in 50m freestyle and nearly there in 100m. Competes in national Grand Prix events against former Olympians — usually the youngest in the pool by 3+ years. Plans to use 2012 Olympic trials as a springboard for Olympic bid in 2016. Continue reading “My Story: Joshua Fleagle”

Athlete Reaches New Heights

Key Director Robin Lane Allsoppof Basking Ridge, NJ, discovered Relìv five years ago. An athlete most of her life, Robin was astounded by the results she experienced on the Relìv products.

At 25, Robin tried to compete in a marathon and injured her knee. The pain was slowing her down… until she discovered Relìv.

“I started with Relìv Classic®, Innergize!® and FibRestore®. When I added ProVantage®, I noticed an improvement in my endurance, stamina and recovery time,” she explains. “In fact, I was able to increase my mileage with Relìv!”

When Robin first heard about Team Relìv at the 2010 National Conference, she ran behind the stage to thank the Relìv staff. Her first Team Relìv event, the Our House Five Miler, generated 80 leads!

“And having to log my mileage for the Team Relìv Running Club was a great motivator for me. I started running races again,” Robin says. She started biking and swimming again too.

In July 2010, Robin competed in her very first triathlon. “I had an amazing sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. I realized that my body could be strong! I felt so great afterwards and I know it is because of these products,” she says. “If it wasn’t for Relìv, I would not have accomplished this!”

Healthy for the Long Run

Kelly May of Henderson, Nevada, ran 26.2 miles in this year’s Rock ‘n Roll San Diego Marathon. Below the race number pinned on the front of her shirt she printed two words: ‘I Reliv.’ “I did that because although I had never been a runner before, I knew the Reliv products would help get me through the marathon,” says Kelly. May

“I felt amazing,” adds Kelly. “The day after the race, I went to the San Diego Zoo and by the next day I was completely recovered. Continue reading “Healthy for the Long Run”

Triathlete Perseveres With Help From Reliv

Steve Weiler, a student at Washington State University, was a competitive and dedicated triathlete. Two years of competition had Steve thinking about a professional athletic career. But last August, while he was training on his bike, Steve was hit by a truck.SteveWeiler

“My orthopedic surgeon found I had a broken tibial plateau and severe damage to the cartilage in my leg,” says Steve. “He told me my athletic career was over, that in two years I’d have to deal with arthritis and that I might not be able to walk!”

After six weeks on crutches, Steve asked his doctor if he could try biking again. “When I got back on my bike in December, I began using Reliv’s Arthaffect®,” explains Steve. “After a two-hour-plus ride, I’d be pretty sore, but Arthaffect helped me recover quickly and reduced the inflammation, soreness and pain in my knee. It allows me to train harder and recover faster.

“Now I’m also using Innergize!® — up to three bottles on long rides — and it keeps my energy levels high,” he adds. “I’m back on the cycling team at Washington State and finished seventh in my last competition. I thank Reliv for ArthAffect and Innergize! not only help with my racing, but in my life every single day.”

Running on Reliv-To Become a State Champion!

Abby Albers is a high school athlete who has been breaking track records with the help of Relìv nutrition. “With Innergize!®, I stay hydrated throughout strenuous workouts,” Abby says. “And the nutrition from Relìv shakes has meant less muscle soreness, even when I do tough plyometric workouts.” AbbyAlbers_web Continue reading “Running on Reliv-To Become a State Champion!”