Meet Our Ambassadors: Carolyn and Traian Florica


Hope for Health and Financial Harmony
Ambassadors Carolyn and Traian Florica are growing their Reliv business from Kingsville, Ontario. They have been Reliv Distributors since 2010 and achieved Ambassador status about two years after they joined.

Pain Turns to Prospect
Growing up, Carolyn often dealt with discomfort from head to toe. “I had coped with high blood pressure, adrenal fatigue, and inflammation in my shoulders, elbows and wrists, and the list goes on,” Carolyn says. She spoke with her doctor about alternative options. The doctor put her in touch with his wife, Elizabeth, a Reliv Distributor.

Reliv Gives Relief
Before they found Reliv, Carolyn and Traian were pursuing a bakery business. Traian had his own health challenges, but they both eagerly sought to learn everything they could about opening a bakery business. They traveled the country together, attending as many baking conferences as they could. Then one day, Carolyn gave her husband a Reliv shake.

“He was skeptical,” Carolyn says, “In the past, I had tried every juicer and cleaner recipe.” Traian reluctantly gave the Reliv shakes a try. After 10 days, he felt great! They gave shakes to their five children, who experienced similarly positive results. That’s when they decided to go full force with Reliv and leave their bakery plans behind. They never looked back.

Gaining Confidence
When she first started the business, Carolyn was worried that she was not capable of success. Carolyn told Elizabeth, “I only have a ninth grade education. There’s no way I can do this.” Elizabeth reassured Carolyn, “You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Just be teachable.” With the encouragement of Elizabeth in the back of her mind, Carolyn’s passion for helping others enabled her to gain the confidence to speak to everyone and anyone about Reliv.

“Reliv has given us a bright financial future and blessed us with our health,” said Carolyn. “We are very grateful to be part of this company and are looking forward to blessing many more lives.”


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