Congratulations to Reliv’s New and Advancing Ambassadors!

The following individuals have reached new levels within the Reliv Ambassador program. For their accomplishments, they have also earned an unforgettable trip to Los Cabos, Mexico, as part of Reliv’s 2011 Leadership Celebration. Learn how you can join them!
New Gold Ambassadors
Tom and Val Moody, Western Springs, IL
There is nothing like the Reliv business. This is the most natural thing in the world. Every day, we talk to the people we care about and tell them about a product and a company that will change their lives. How often does a real opportunity like this come along? To us, reaching this new level proves that even after two decades of being in the Reliv business, we are still in a ground-floor opportunity. This is exciting because it means we can continue growing and moving forward!
New Bronze Ambassadors
Earl and Marcia Jantz, Oklahoma City, OK
We love giving people an opportunity to change their lives and we love seeing people’s lives improve! If you can get people to see outside of themselves, they will see a chance to take control of their lives instead of letting things like a bad economy dictate them. Good things can happen when you stop thinking negatively and stop being depressed about circumstances outside of your control. Reaching the bronze level means that we need to continue to work hard toward the next level. It also reminds us that so many more people need to hear about the opportunity — it motivates us to work even harder!
New Ambassador Entering as Bronze
Jennifer Weaver, Bloomfield, MI
I always knew there was a better way for me to help my family earn an income. I didn’t know what it was until I found Reliv. I really feel privileged to work with my organization on a daily basis. They are some of the most big-hearted, genuine people I’ve ever met. I’m also constantly surprised by what Reliv corporate brings ? ethics, mission, overall support. They work hard to help make our jobs easier. The bottom line is that Reliv never lets me down. My Reliv business fits the goals I have for my family and what I envisioned my family life to be. It feels wonderful to be my own boss!
New Ambassadors
Margaret and Leonard Nafziger, Bryan, OH
This achievement seemed impossible, yet we have been working slow but steady over the years and not stopping. And since we have reached this goal that seemed impossible, reaching Presidential now seems more possible than ever! In our previous careers of working in a manufacturing company and making custom draperies, we never earned an income like this. The way the company trains, motivates and rewards Distributors is amazing. We have never missed a MAT school since joining! We are excited and joyful to work with this company, these products and people who are so special to us.

February Recognition: Congratulations New Ambassadors!


Tom & Val Moody, IL


Earl & Marcia Jantz, OK


Jennifer Weaver & Didier Rouaud, MI


Leonard & Margaret Nafziger, OH


Bill & Nina Jean Guilford, GA

Marcela & Bernardino Navarro, OK


Marcela & Bernardino Navarro, OK

Michael Yoder, VA


Sidney Czynski, IL

Michael & Leslie Franzen, IN

Jose Garcia, IL

Jonathan & Marjorie Gehman, PA

Keith & Rosanna Heatwole, ON, Can.

Felix Lucas & Alicia De Lucas, OK

Nicolas & Lulu Martinez, OK

Marcela & Bernardino Navarro, OK

Marilu Puebla, IL

Lance & Aurelie Sage, UT

Nereida Valdez, WI

Edwin & Yda Valles, TX

Shiloh Werkmeister, MO

Michael Yoder, VA

Top 10 PGPV:

1. Marscia & Jeff Fleagle, OH **

2. Felix Lucas & Alicia De Lucas, OK **

3. Marilu Puebla, IL

4. Peter & Amy Hemingway, VA

5. Shiloh Werkmeister, MO

6. Edwin & Yda Valles, TX

7. Sidney Czynski, IL

8. Dave & Betty Blazic, KS

9. Norma & Peter Carlozzi, CA

10. Phil & Betty Wolf, VA

** denotes Dr. Ted Humanitarian Award winners

All above are Dr. Ted plaque winners


Lori & Russ Doerneman, KS

Ray & Yolanda Fischer, TX

James & Denise Flaherty, OR

Steve & Joyce Holthaus, IL

Nicolas & Lulu Martinez, OK

Susan & Tom McConnell, IN

Roger Naguit, OH

Michelle & Stuart Nesbit, GA

Carla & Quinn Pence, KS

Marcella & Doug Powell, TX

Tracee & Bobby Randall, GA

Nelson & Lizzie Reist, ON, Can.

Michael & Rita Sargis, FL

Florence & Elo Sauder, ON, Can.

Jim & Sandy Schaben, NE

John & Melissa Schaefer, IN

Tracy Queen, GA

Kathy Tennihan, SC


Master Affiliates who sponsored a Master Affiliate and 3 new Distributors:

Ruth Adu, GA

Sherry & David Brand, GA

Marvin & Mary Gehman, PA

Joe & Leona Miller, MO

Master Affiliates who sponsored a Master Affiliate:

Marianne Baum, OH

Taylor Benson, FL

Doris Black, MI

Kim Blacksmith-Davis, IA

Laurie Blackstone-Bray, WI

Marilyn Brewer, WI

Suzanne & John Burgess, SC

Dawn Carter, OH

Laura Clarke, NE

Roy Colver, IL

Joseph Dwenger, OH

Philip & Joann Eicher, IN

Bertha & Ernesto Flores, CA

Janice Flynn, NY

Lois Frutiger & David Kuhn, FL

Wendy & Jason Jamison, CA

Sonya Johnson, GA

Tunisia Jones, GA

Lisa Kaelblein, NJ

Elsie Kerkes, MN

Lisa & Kenneth Lare, OH

Uri Layne, GA

Norma Leaman, FL

Brian Lee, VA

Karla Lesslie, KS

Mark & Nicole Lindhorst, NE

Susie McTeer, AL

Andy & Dorothy Miller, NY

Rebecca Olotu, TX

Jacob & Esther Peachey, PA

Caleb Pence, KS

Marie & William Pugh, GA

Patricia Schreifels, MN

Valerie Shepard, NC

Jacob Thompson, MO

M. Jean & Thomas Quello, WI

Toni Tuttle, MI

Mark Ward, AZ

Sandra Wilson, OH

Teresa Wold & Diane Hill, OR

Master Affiliates who sponsored 3 new Distributors:

Lynn Brown, OH

Janet Renee Clifton, OH

Dulce Gallardo, TN

Alejandro Garcia & Rocio Ramirez, KY

Arlowe Haugen, MN

Paul & Emma Herschberger, NY

Fesootaiga Laasaga, AK

Venancio Lopez & Irma Rendon, GA

Miguel Martinez, KY

Idris Mohssin, CA
Barbara Snyder, GA

Kelly Wiley, CA



Keith & Rosanna Heatwole, ON, Can.