A Guide to Cycling: Ready to Ride!




Reliv Distributor and active cyclist David Clarke shares his advice and wisdom on introductory cycling.

You’ve been watching the Tour de France. You haven’t ridden a bicycle in 20 years, but you’ve decided to peel yourself off the couch! What a terrific way to get some exercise, be out of doors and enjoy the feeling of the wind through your hair.David-ClarkeProV1

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Athlete Reaches New Heights

Key Director Robin Lane Allsoppof Basking Ridge, NJ, discovered Relìv five years ago. An athlete most of her life, Robin was astounded by the results she experienced on the Relìv products.

At 25, Robin tried to compete in a marathon and injured her knee. The pain was slowing her down… until she discovered Relìv.

“I started with Relìv Classic®, Innergize!® and FibRestore®. When I added ProVantage®, I noticed an improvement in my endurance, stamina and recovery time,” she explains. “In fact, I was able to increase my mileage with Relìv!”

When Robin first heard about Team Relìv at the 2010 National Conference, she ran behind the stage to thank the Relìv staff. Her first Team Relìv event, the Our House Five Miler, generated 80 leads!

“And having to log my mileage for the Team Relìv Running Club was a great motivator for me. I started running races again,” Robin says. She started biking and swimming again too.

In July 2010, Robin competed in her very first triathlon. “I had an amazing sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. I realized that my body could be strong! I felt so great afterwards and I know it is because of these products,” she says. “If it wasn’t for Relìv, I would not have accomplished this!”

Healthy Fathers, Healthy Sons

Senior Affiliate Will Sandoval of Budd Lake, NJ, has been using Reliv products for his active lifestyle for over four years. As a Tae Kwon Do instructor, Will has to keep in top physical shape — and Reliv nutrition helps him do just that.

“I’m an athlete, so I have to get the right nutrition in order to keep my strength and my performance level up,” Will explains. “Before Reliv, I was always sore after an intense workout, but now I hardly ever feel sore or stiff. As time goes on, I just continue to get great results.”

Will also credits optimal nutrition with helping him rebuild his range of motion after breaking his leg. “Reliv kept me energized and healthy, and in just six months, I was able to build up my strength enough to start teaching Tae Kwon Do again,” Will says.

Recently, Will started a running routine for the first time. His goal is to be able to complete a path his father used to run. “My goal is to work up to the full distance in a year. I’m up to two miles a day now! I couldn’t have done it without Reliv.”

Just as Will’s father showed him the value of good health, Will shares it with his own son today. “I’m glad I can give him Reliv Now® for Kids. Reliv has always been there for me, and it will always be there for him too.”

Reliv Fan Turns 100

clip_image001 A century of living and serving others hasn’t stopped Lester Reed, of Overland Park, Kansas, from staying active, enjoying each day and whistling a happy tune.
Lester, who celebrated his 100th birthday September 10, 2009, lives with his daughter, Senior Director Ardie Warner and her husband, Chuck. He still takes their two dachshunds for long daily walks, travels, studies his Bible, reads, works word search puzzles and does yard work.

“Dad’s been taking Reliv products with us for the last seven years,” says daughter Ardie. “It’s provided the ideal nutritional support for his continued good health.”

Lester has lived through 100 years of American history, spanning 18 presidencies, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression and two World Wars. He’s seen everything from the modernization of cars to the advent of the World Wide Web.

Ardie, a retired art teacher, has been in the Reliv business for seven years. She says Reliv has given the family not only better health, but also some valuable flexibility with their time.

“I’m an only child, so I feel blessed to be home spending each precious day with my Dad while we do this business,” she says.

Lester, happy 100th birthday from your Reliv family!