Acceleration Across America


The Reliv corporate hosts of our Acceleration events share the scoop from each location.

In Minneapolis we filled up one room and had to open another! Everyone was very positive and shared great stories. Reliv Gold Ambassador Trish Fisher was a fantastic meeting leader and very strong in her presentation. I was excited to see how lunasin is being accepted and the excitement around it. It was so encouraging to hear firsthand the stories of how people’s lives have changed because of Reliv. – Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl Hastings


Pitsburgh 2 Terry Renton
I had such a great time meeting our Distributors in Pittsburgh. This was my first time speaking at a Reliv special event and everyone gave me a very warm welcome. It was exciting to see a packed room that included many new people who had joined Reliv during the Ignition promotion. Hall of Famer Terry Renton did a phenominal job hosting the event and sharing his stories and expertise from 18 years with Reliv. We received a standing ovation on Saturday! I really enjoyed talking one-on-one with Distributors afterwards to hear their excitement over the epigenetics science along with their questions about Reliv marketing. – Director of Marketing Chris Scherting

Detroit 2
Detroit was rocking! Distributors came from all over – Michigan, Ohio, Canada – to pack the room. I was blown away by the number of brand new Master Affiliates in attendance. Their excitement echoed that of veteran Distributors who know something special is happening at Reliv right now. You could feel the energy in the room! Presidential All-Star Quila Buhler was outstanding in leading the presentation, showing just how achievable Reliv success can be. And her message was received loud and clear. We have a remarkable group of Distributors in this area – get ready for more big advancements coming soon! – Director of Content Management Mark Murphy

Orlando 1 Sue Brusa
I had the pleasure to partner with veteran Ambassadors Sue and Bob Brusa at the most recent Acceleration Weekend in Orlando. From the moment we arrived on Friday, I was impressed by the attitude, excitement and hospitality of these Florida Distributors. It was fun to hear the stories (we even had one of the first “epigenetic” stories I’ve heard firsthand) and I truly enjoyed the time spent after our meetings listening to Distributor feedback. There were great questions about the marketing tools available to help talk about epigenetic nutrition and Distributors universally loved the extension of the reduced qualifications in November and December. My thanks and congratulations to the Brusas who did a fantastic job as always and to the leaders in Orlando who are committed to continued success and growth in their area. – Vice President of Marketing Kurt Wulff

Chicago 3
Chicago was incredible! Presidential Four-Time Platinum Ambassador Tom Pinnock hosted the acceleration event and had the massive crowd on the edge of their seats, when not bent over laughing. Tom was extremely entertaining and inspiring. On top of that, several leaders from our Dayton area were in Chicago to help congratulate Tom Tighe on his well-deserved recognition as a Reliv Presidential Director. We had excitement, advancements and motivated Distributors all having a blast. The momentum is building and Chicago is ready to explode again! – Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Brett Hastings

Salt Lake City 1
No doubt in my mind; the people I met in Salt Lake City are excited about Reliv! Our guest Ambassador from Nebraska, Stephanie Mazankowski, did an amazing job! Steph made it impossible to miss just how powerful the Reliv opportunity is right now. Reliv has embraced our position as a leader in epigenetic nutritional technology – and that message rang out loud and clear! Make no mistake – Acceleration is happening in the West! – Senior Vice President of Distributor Success Don Gibbons

Boston 1
The event in Boston was excellent! The room was packed Friday night and the energy level was HIGH! Saturday morning the room was also full. The feedback I’ve received is that everyone was really pumped and excited after the events! Mindy Jones of Atlanta did an excellent job leading the event – she is a fantastic speaker that really speaks from the heart! I really enjoyed the one-on-one time with the Distributors both before and after the events. I met people from many parts of New England including Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and New Jersey. Everyone was so warm and welcoming to me – it really is a GREAT group of Distributors. – Vice President of Operations Debra Hellweg

Dallas 8 Javier and Sandy
We went a little rogue this past weekend at the Acceleration event in Texas and we all agreed that “What happens in Dallas, stays in Dallas!” What I will tell you is that the Dallas Acceleration event was fast and furious with amazing energy and phenomenal stories of health and hope! The primary focus was on simplifying epigenetics and relating epigenetics to wellness and prevention. Jim Schaben personally demonstrated that you don’t have to be an expert in epigenetics to “work in the field of epigenetics!” The most exciting part for me personally was hearing about the unexpected health benefits that so many people are crediting to LunaRich X™! I had no idea about some of the amazing results that individuals have experienced! I left the event with a renewed energy for applying these stories to the future research! Special thanks to Javier Ramirez for translating the event for the Hispanic Distributors! He was phenomenal despite last-minute changes to the presentation! – Tina Van Horn, Research & Business Development Coordinator SL Technology, Inc.

Atlanta 2
There was great energy in Atlanta! The combination of Innovation (LunaRich) and Opportunity to build a huge business based on the lunasin technology is gaining traction and momentum in the Southeast! I believe the folks in Atlanta were inspired with the vision and future potential of Reliv! Special thanks go to Joyce Holthaus for all her contributions to the success of this event. Now is the time to build the foundation for a Big 2014! – President Ryan Montgomery

Phoenix 6 Steve, Tami, Harlan, Dr. Galvez
Phoenix rising was definitely on my mind during the Arizona Acceleration event! Friday night kicked off a terrific two days with more than 180 people attending. When Presidential Silver Ambassador Harlan Humphrey asked how many people were at their first Reliv event, I estimated about 40% of the room had their hands up. What a buzz it was! Harlan led a fantastic presentation Friday and was so genuine and really connected with people on Saturday. Of course, a top highlight was the presentation of Dr. Galvez! What an incredible man and a true humanitarian. Lunasin is obviously one of the big reasons Reliv is soaring! I was extremely proud of the Phoenix leadership. The area Ambassadors were prepared, excited and focused. It was also a treat to have others that traveled quite a distance to attend. The young, future Ambassadors from California are excited and we expect to see some big things from those emerging leaders. We also had some great attendees from Las Vegas. There are good things happening there. Maybe I need to make a trip for a special event! All in all, what a great weekend in Phoenix. I expect you’ll be hearing more from that group! – Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing Steve Hastings

Pleasanton 3
I went to Pleasanton, CA for the Acceleration event and it was fantastic. Pam Thielen was the presenting Ambassador and Richard and Linda Vance were the hosting area leaders. We had enthusiastic crowds both days. Saturday’s recognition was great as so many of those in attendance had either just broken as MA’s or sponsored a new MA though the August-October MA promotion. I channeled my “inner Dr. Carl” to present the science portion on Saturday, and I summarized the LunaRich X presentation into three key points: 1)We have a growing amount of scientific support behind lunasin 2) we are getting incredible stories about the results that people are seeing with the product and 3) we are selling a ton of Reliv Now with LunaRich and LunaRich X capsules! This was my first time doing a presentation with Pam and she did a fantastic job! Her down-to-earth style provided a lot of good, practical information in the Distributor training discussion. The Vance’s are tremendous leaders in their area and put together a well-organized venue. – Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Steve Albright

Portland 1 Michelle Nesbit
I had a fantastic time in Portland and came away from the event more excited than ever. Hearing how LunaRich X™ is helping people in several areas of health was very humbling. It made the 13 years of research and product development that Dr. Galvez and I went through together worth every moment. I’m sure if he could have heard the stories, he too would have come away from the event just as enthusiastic. Michelle Nesbit did a great job in explaining the business and opportunity model. Seeing the Lunasin technology in the hands of fellow entrepreneurs like her was equally exciting for me. – President SL Technology, Inc. Ryan Schmidt

Reliv’s hometown crowd in St. Louis came hungry for information about nutritional epigenetics, lunasin and just good old-fashioned Reliv stories. We did our best to deliver, and Reliv Presidential Bronze Ambassador Mark Metts did a fantastic job of organizing the event and sending everyone home with answers, ideas and inspiration. It was a golden opportunity for me to step away from my office at Reliv HQ and meet with Distributors in person—both new and old. Everyone was very excited to learn about the science behind LunaRich X and all the potential for growing a successful business as people around the world hear about Reliv! – International Marketing Manager Mark Malott