2011 International Conference: Friday

Day two and the excitement of the Reliv Revolution is only growing more intense! The day started with a crowded Company Store and some jamming music in the conference hall. Chairman, President and CEO Robert Montgomery took the stage and gave an inspiring keynote address, encouraging Distributors to get out there and DO IT! Do whatever you need to do to build your business!

Next, Hall of Famer and Presidential Double Platinum Ambassador Linda Vance gave her workshop “Treating Your Business Like a Business.” She explained that all Distributors are owners and CEOs of their own businesses and should work as hard as they need to in order for it to grow.

Chief Operating Officer and Reliv Kalogris Foundation Chairman R. Scott Montgomery took the stage to open the Reliv Kalogris Foundation segment. The crowd was moved my an inspiring movie about the Foundation’s efforts in Haiti and the new orphanage built with funds raised by Distributors like you!

After a lunch break, Reliv got the crowd back on their feet with t-shirt cannons sending the new “I am the Reliv Revolution” t-shirts flying through the air.

Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl Hastings took the stage and announced a brand new research and development partnership with the Missouri Plant Science Center. Thanks to an exciting new research and development partnership, Reliv is taking its longstanding commitment to scientific innovation to a whole new level.

Reliv International has been selected as the first company to partner with the Missouri Plant Science Center (MPSC) and its managing tenant Soy Labs LLC. Less than a two-hour drive from Reliv’s Corporate Headquarters, the MPSC is a new shared-use facility where researchers work alongside business and industry experts to bring ingredient innovation from the laboratory to the consumer. Learn more about the MPSC partnership here.

Then, Hall of Famers and Presidential Platinum Ambassadors Jim and Sandy Schaben took the stage to present “The Reliv Business” sharing their lifestyle story made possible with Reliv throughout their presentation.

Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for arrived! And the top five winners in the “This is Your Shot!” promotion are…..

5. Yolanda Hernandez, CA

4. Stephanie and Paul Collins, NH

3. David and Betty Blazic, KS

2. Nelson Ruales, IA

1. Ura and Betty Gingerich, WI

Congratulations to Ura and Betty Gingerich, winners of the brand new 24K Camaro!

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This is Your Shot! Winners 40th-6th place

Congrats to all in the top 40 for the “This is Your Shot!” promotion. The top five will be announced tomorrow!

TOP 40:

40. Al & Jan Hagopian, WI

39. Pat & Joe Pennino, NC

38. Kecia & Dwight Holder, OK

37. Rosanne & David Henrickson, IL

36. Cyndi Wideman, TX

35. Judy & Kevin Gribbin, PA

34. Kathy Tennihan, SC

33. Eileen & James Tesch, MI

32. Norma & Francisco Valdez, TN

31. Manley & Brenda Lane, ME

30. Ken & Gay Lange, SD

29. Dawn & David Vanamberg, MI

28. Norma & Peter Carlozzi, CA

27. Susan & Tom McConnell, IN

26. Vince & Terri Cedrone, AL

25. Bob & Kathy Blume, IN

24. Perry & Emma Borntreger, OH

23. Mark & Ann Metts, CA

22. Carlos Navarro, TRINIDAD

21. Clayton Diltz, CA

20. Gwen & Bud Goodsell, VA

19. Graham Mocklow & Angelena Middleton, BAHAMAS

18. Sue Brusa, NH

17. Ron & Lori Moore, WA

16. Keith & Carol Kane, IA

15. Robert & Kim Patteri, CA

14. Missy & Scott McCabe, PA

13. Steve & Joyce Holthaus, IL

12. Nick Priest, CA

11. Tracee & Bobby Randall, GA

TOP 10-6:

10. Crismon & Vivienne Lewis, OR

9. Debra & George Grenz, OR

8. Trish & Doug Fischer, CO

7. Mark & Amy Thomas, PA

6. Aurora & Raul Paredes, TX

Beat the Heat in Your 24K Camaro!

This summer is really heating up — and not just because of the sunshine. The “This Is Your Shot!” 24K Camaro promotion has lit a fire in Distributors nationwide!

The top PGPV (US) in June and July combined will win this hot ride. Places 2-10 will earn big bonus cash, and the top 40 finishers will take home a 24K™ promo pack. Winners will be announced at International Conference in August. Will you drive home a winner?

And if all of this is too hot to handle, check out the very cool video showing the 24K Camaro in action. Visit http://youtube.com/relivinternational.