Humanitarian Award Winners

Congratulations to the Humanitarian Award Winners! Click here to view a clip from the luncheon.

  • Manley and Brenda Lane
  • Crismon and Vivienne Lewis
  • Lou Ann and Michael Pecorelli
  • Karen and Ron Turner
  • Grace Lim and James Tang
  • Pedro and Teresa Colima
  • Gusti Ayu Putu and Ida Bagus
  • Maria Adame
  • Crismon and Vivienne Lewis
  • Barbara Tetteh
  • Norman and Lorene Helmuth
  • Rev. Major Samuel Larbie
  • Rhonda and Greg Uebelhor
  • Lori and Russ Doerneman
  • Ura and Betty Gingerich

Sneak Peek at Upcoming Product

Last night at International Conference, Dr. Carl announced that he has been working on a brand new product to be launched soon. Then, he invited all of the bonus winners to be the first to taste the flavor options and vote for their favorite. Click here to view the taste test!

Starting today, the rest of the conference attendees will get to taste the flavor options! The flavor that gets the most votes will be used in making our newest product!

Congrats July Bonus Winners!

Last night’s opening program at International Conference was even more thrilling for the July Volume winners! Congratulations to all of you on your achievement! Click here to see them onstage!

  1. Lori and Russ Doerneman
  2. Ura and Betty Gingerich
  3. Fannie and Vernon Kinsinger
  4. Crismon and Vivienne Lewis
  5. Emmy Mitchell
  6. Albert and Barbara Shrock
  7. Aurora and Raul Paredes
  8. Jim and Sandy Schaben
  9. Gloris Nowack
  10. Janet Lizotte
  11. Dave and Betty Blazic
  12. Enid and Will Glassgold
  13. Lisa and John Cooper
  14. John and Jacque Hayes
  15. Scott and Laurie Prindle
  16. Steve and Joyce Holthaus

My First Reliv Conference

This is my first Reliv International Conference ever. And I have to say, I could not be more excited. Less than two hours until the show starts, and I can’t stop smiling!

Walking around downtown St. Louis you can tell exactly who the Independent Reliv Distributors are (and not just because they are wearing the Reliv logo on their shirts, hats, bags…) The real identifiers are the broad smiles and knowing nods. It is as though they know something the rest of the world should hear! And they do! Continue reading “My First Reliv Conference”

Reliv 2010 International Conference is OPEN!

Doors opened this afternoon at the 2010 Reliv International Conference. People are pretty pumped up. Even in the 103+ degree heat, our Distributors are rarin’ to go!

The day started out great, with dozens of attendees lining up before doors even opened to the Company Store. Once the doors opened and check-in began, the store went into a frenzy of retail excitement. Some items Distributors are really excited about are the bedazzling Reliv Crystal Totebags, the free bag with purchase r Collection sets and of course, bargain hunters swarmed the clearance section. Continue reading “Reliv 2010 International Conference is OPEN!”