Faster, Stronger, Better: Ryan Parr

Ryan Parr works at a non-profit sports medicine store in Kansas City, but turns to Reliv nutrition to give him a competitive edge. Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now®, Innergize!®, ProVantage®, 24K® Staying Active: I like to stay active. In college, I played basketball, football, track, tennis, and I was a nationally competitive cheerleader. Now in my … Continue reading Faster, Stronger, Better: Ryan Parr

Optimal Nutrition: Daniel Duncan

Daniel Duncan works in St. Louis, Missouri at the Reliv, Inc. Headquarters as Assistant Multimedia Producer! Reliv products give him energy to do his job, and more! Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now, Slimplicity, ProVantage®, LunaRich X Healthy Start: I’m a healthy guy in my late 20s and have always been interested in fitness and nutrition. My goal … Continue reading Optimal Nutrition: Daniel Duncan

She is Sparta: Reliv Athlete Jackie Rust

Reliv Nutrition Fuels Obstacle Course Mama Jackie Rust of Aubrey, TX Running and physical fitness have always been a part of Jackie Rust’s life. In fact, when she and her husband welcomed two children into the world, she just put them in strollers and kept right on adding to her hundreds of 5K and 10K … Continue reading She is Sparta: Reliv Athlete Jackie Rust

Reliv Science & Health Today: Soy Good for You!

Soy has been cultivated and eaten for millennia in China; and since the 1760s in the U.S. More recently, advances in research and manufacturing have created many new ways to enjoy the little round bean. Still, many remain unaware of the numerous health benefits of this remarkable superfood.

Life-changing Nutrition: Elite Performance

When we last checked in on Joshua Fleagle of St. Marys, Ohio, he was 17 years old and had qualified for the 2012 Olympic trials in the 50 meter freestyle. He trained for more than five hours per day and had been taking Reliv products for two years, thanks to the direction of his parents, … Continue reading Life-changing Nutrition: Elite Performance

Tackling College with Reliv Sports Nutrition: Jack Hill

    Name: Jack Hill Home: Chicago, IL Gigs: High school senior, Reliv Master Affiliate Reliv Regimen:  Reliv Now, Innergize!, FibRestore®, ProVantage®, 24K, Lunarich X Making a Commitment: As a high school sophomore, I played varsity lacrosse. At the beginning of junior year, I verbally committed to play Division 1 lacrosse at a university in … Continue reading Tackling College with Reliv Sports Nutrition: Jack Hill

Young on the Inside: Evelyn Ferguson

    Name: Evelyn Ferguson Home: Bedford, Texas Gigs: Retired government employee, part-time childcare, Reliv Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now®, LunaRich X®, Innergize!®, FibRestore®, ProVantage®, Arthaffect®, CardioSentials® Rude Awakening: In April 2013 I was in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. It totaled my car, and the emergency room doctors were amazed that my neck … Continue reading Young on the Inside: Evelyn Ferguson

My Nutritional Edge: Reliv Athletics

By Michael Thomas, Captain of Oklahoma City Energy FC I started taking Reliv during my senior year of high school to help my performance as a soccer player. I had been plagued with severe cramps due to dehydration from sweating during games and rarely finished a full 90 minutes. My dream was to become a … Continue reading My Nutritional Edge: Reliv Athletics

26 Letters for Reliv’s 26th Year

Reliv was founded 26 years ago today, and we’re celebrating alphabetically! A is for Asset — your own residual income producer B is for Blog — great stories served daily C is for CardioSentials® — clinically proven to support heart health D is for Doctors — industry icons Carl Hastings and Alfredo Galvez E is … Continue reading 26 Letters for Reliv’s 26th Year