26 Letters for Reliv’s 26th Year


Reliv was founded 26 years ago today, and we’re celebrating alphabetically!

A is for Asset — your own residual income producer

B is for Blog — great stories served daily

C is for CardioSentials® — clinically proven to support heart health

D is for Doctors — industry icons Carl Hastings and Alfredo Galvez

E is for Epigenetics — and Reliv is leading the way!

F is for FibRestore® — patented support for digestive health

G is for GlucAffect® — clinically proven to support healthy blood sugar

H is for Health — make Reliv your simple nutritional solution!

I is for Innergize!® — advanced performance hydration

J is for Join — Not a Distributor yet? Sign up today!

K is for Kalogris — and our mission to Nourish Our World

L is for LunaRich® — our exclusive epigenetic superfood

M is for Montgomery — our corporate leaders Robert, Ryan and Scott

N is for Nutrition — and no one does it like Reliv

O is for Opportunity — your chance to achieve financial freedom

P is for ProVantage® — for performance, endurance, recovery and repair

Q is for Quality — our uncompromising commitment to you

R is for Reliv Now® — our top-selling product, your daily fuel

S is for Super Pack — instant savings, instant business

T is for Travel — where do you want Reliv to take you next?

U is for Us — join in the worldwide Reliv conversation

V is for Videos — Reliv has what you need; see for yourself

W is for Why — what’s your reason to Reliv?

X is for LunaRich X™ — the most pure, concentrated form of lunasin on earth

Y is for You — and becoming the best you can be

Z is for Zero — chance we’ll ever stop striving to meet your needs

Living It Up in Quebec City: Congratulations!

SubscribeButton-web5.0.2Congratulations to all the Reliv leaders enjoying a dream trip to Quebec City! Bon voyage!

Silver Ambassadors David & Betty Blazic, KS
Silver Ambassadors Sue & Bob Brusa, NH *
Double Platinum Ambassadors Jim & Sandy Schaben, NE
Silver Ambassadors Pam & Dean Thielen, NE
Double Platinum Ambassadors Richard & Linda Vance, CA

*also qualified as 10 time Dr. Ted plaque winners

Tom & Linda Tighe, OH

Gina Rivera & Bruno González, MEXICO

Francoise & Pierre Poulizac, FRANCE

Kamila Abdalla & Malyun Abdifatah, UNITED KINGDOM

Jean & Anne de Chassey, FRANCE
Norberta Lizárraga & Renato Parra Salas, MEXICO

Vicente & Manuela Cabrera, TX
Stephanie & Paul Collins, NH **
Terry & Sally Cover, PA
Nina Eringaard-Reijnen & Lie-Lie, NETHERLANDS
Diane Everett & Lisa Bean, MI
Beatrice & Alain Le Faucheur, FRANCE
Crismon & Vivienne Lewis, OR *
Feliciano & Sulamita Mendoza, TX
Rita & Jaime Montenegro, CA
Wanda Ostwald & Anja Liebel, GERMANY
Raul & Aurora Paredes, TX
Kristina & Andrew Pierce, OH
Desi & Karen Reuben-Sealy, UNITED KINGDOM
Sabine & Horst Scheuer, AUSTRIA
Stephanie Schwan & Martin Mueller, GERMANY
Eileen & James Tesch, MI
Pete & Liz Vreeland, SC
Scott & Dawn Weaver, PA
Dave & Jean Zuro, IL

*also qualified as 10 time Dr. Ted Plaque winners
** two time PGPV winners

Fannie & Vernon Kinsinger, MO




5 Ways to Take Your Business to the Next Level


By Ryan Montgomery, President

The world has changed a lot in 25+ years, but the basics of building a Reliv business remain the same — reach out to new people and help them succeed. Yet as we move forward, we must continue to grow, adapt and improve. Here are some suggestions to help you do exactly that:

Engage! You are bombarded with distractions every day. That’s why it’s important to seek out the information you actually want. So engage with Reliv on social media, subscribe to the blog, read every email, watch our Engage! webinars… and have your downline follow your lead. Treat your business like a business and stay informed.

Focus/Simplify. What you focus on will grow. Distributors embracing the LunaRich® Super Pack know the power of focus. The Super Pack simplifies how to both start on the products and launch a Reliv business. The result: increased speed and organizational growth.

Strike a balance. Reliv offers incredible products and a remarkable opportunity. Successful Distributors know how to strike a balance between the two. We’ve focused a lot on products with the acquisition of LunaRich, and rightly so. But it is knowing there is money to be made and lifestyles improved with Reliv that has always driven our biggest expansion.

Expand your image of wellness. Our products are for everyone — young and old, sick and healthy, athlete and beginner. Seek out a range of stories that different types of people can relate to and appeal to everyone when sharing Reliv.

Innovate. We strive to innovate at Reliv, and I encourage you to do the same. Try new things, keep the ones that work and throw out the ones that don’t. When you stop learning, you stop growing.

Reliv is positioned for the future. But if we want more, we have to become more. We must challenge ourselves to be opportunistic, creative and innovative. We’re committed to making it happen at Reliv HQ. How about you?


What Reliv Nutrition Means to Me… and Could Mean for You



by Ryan Montgomery, President

If you’ve been around Reliv, chances are you’ve probably heard my Reliv health story. I was nine years old when Dr. Theodore Kalogris started sending his original formula to our family. There was no can or label, and yes, the powder didn’t dissolve well and usually rested in large clumps at the bottom of my morning OJ. But my parents believed in Dr. Ted and the need for optimal nutrition.

I can honestly say I might have missed my Reliv shakes less than a handful of days over the past 31 years. I don’t know what life would be like without Reliv nutrition. I take almost every product Dr. Carl Hastings has developed. A Reliv shake is the first thing I do in the morning, and last thing I do every night. Continue reading “What Reliv Nutrition Means to Me… and Could Mean for You”

Happy Canada Day from Reliv’s Mark Lewis


This Canada Day is a great time to remember how fortunate we are to live in Canada. As Reliv Canada Distributors, you do your part to improve the lives of everyone around you to make your communities, and by extension our country, a better place. It is my privilege to work with you all, and I thank everyone for your work in growing Reliv Canada! Continue reading “Happy Canada Day from Reliv’s Mark Lewis”

Race Report – Reliv Goes Down Under for Ironman Cairns




IM Cairns – 8 JUNE 2014

By Joseph Wojcik – Vice President of International

Blue skies, radiating sun, crystal-clear waters. The Ironman Cairns marketing material portrayed the Far North Queensland area to be a tropical paradise with ideal conditions to ply the swim, bike & run for a  Sunday in Australia. They even had a Great Barrier Reef logo with a bunch of fish swimming around. The expectations were quickly dashed when I arrived to rain, wind and high seas which offered zero visibility in the Coral Sea. No complaining mind you…just giving you an idea of the weather conditions. And what is an Ironman without some adverse conditions, struggle and pain? A summary of the day would go like this: Rain, Rain, More Rain. Continue reading “Race Report – Reliv Goes Down Under for Ironman Cairns”

LunaRich Graduates from MPSC





New manufacturing and research structure maintains product quality, facilitates research and fosters continued innovation.

By Andrew Birney, Chief Operating Officer of SL Technology, Inc., a wholly owned Reliv subsidiary

Change is the product of innovation. As Reliv’s innovation engine, SL Technology understands that change is a positive force, especially in the dynamic, fast-paced, ever-changing world of the global nutrition industry. Not only does the technology change rapidly, but so do business relationships and industry objectives.

The past three years have been a whirlwind of change for SL Tech (formerly Soy Labs). Since moving to the Missouri Plant Science Center (MPSC) facility in 2011, Soy Labs has thrived in the culture of open innovation fostered there. Access to the MPSC labs and processing equipment provided the necessary tools to develop and refine the method of production for the first commercially available form of the lunasin peptide. Continue reading “LunaRich Graduates from MPSC”

Reliv Launches LunaRich Super Pack





Proven Effective

A University of Missouri study of pigs supplemented daily with Reliv Now® and LunaRich X™ for eight weeks showed significant improvement in biomarkers associated with cardiovascular and metabolic health. Circulating free fatty acids, linked to obesity and metabolic syndrome, decreased by 65%. The hormones leptin and adiponectin, which play a key role in weight management, increased by 64% and 60%, respectively. No effective treatments currently exist for improving these biomarkers.

“My hypothesis is that the nutrients in Reliv Now work in combination with the bioactive lunasin in LunaRich X to specifically activate and increase the expression of the leptin and adiponectin genes, resulting in lower free fatty acid levels,” says Dr. Alfredo Galvez. “The next step is to validate these results by conducting full-scale human clinical trials, which we are actively pursuing.”

LunaRich® from Reliv is the world’s first epigenetic superfood. That means it works at the cellular level to turn good genes on and bad genes off — and lets you take control of your health like never before.

Now you can start your own LunaRich health program easier than ever with the LunaRich Super Pack. The Super Pack comes with four cans of Reliv Now®, two 120-count bottles of LunaRich X™ and two shaker cups. That’s a four-month supply — one shake and two capsules a day — of Reliv’s Dynamic Duo:

Reliv Now: combines LunaRich with a complete, balanced array of protein, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and super-powered antioxidants

LunaRich X: delivers the world’s most concentrated form of bioactive lunasin, a naturally occurring soy peptide and the key to LunaRich’s effectiveness

Think of it this way: Reliv Now is your nutritional fuel; LunaRich X is your epigenetic accelerator. You get optimal health today and smart prevention for tomorrow.

“The Super Pack leads to better health in two ways,” Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl Hastings notes. “First, it contains two cutting-edge products that work together remarkably well to produce real results. Second, the four-month supply encourages new consumers to try the products for a longer period of time and incorporate Reliv into their lives. And that’s where optimal nutrition really pays off — as a permanent part of your everyday routine.”

Better Together: 1+1=3

In addition to its own benefits, the lunasin in LunaRich increases the
benefits of other bioactive nutrients
in two ways:

•  Synergism: Lunasin works with other nutrients, each with its own effect on genes and physiological pathways. When you optimize these pathways with different bioactive nutrients, you optimize your health as well.

•  Increased potency: Certain nutrients are activators of important genes involved in maintaining health. Once these genes are activated, lunasin has the ability to further increase their expression by making them more readily recognized by the cell.

“Lunasin’s epigenetic mechanism of action targets specific genes in different cell types, promoting the good genes and diminishing the bad. That explains the multiple benefits it provides — and how it boosts the efficacy of other bioactive nutrients,” explains Dr. Alfredo Galvez, Chief Scientific Advisor at SL Technology, a Reliv subsidiary.

“Dietary ingredients in Reliv Now provide optimum nutrition and their own health benefits. The phytonutrient Pycnogenol®, for example, provides extraordinary anti-inflammatory effects. While lunasin works to promote health at the epigenetic level, Pycnogenol and other nutrients found in Reliv Now do the same at the biochemical level. The result is a kind of tag team that delivers more benefits when combined together than the nutrients do
individually. It works more like multiplication than addition.

“With all the bioactive nutrients in Reliv Now — already formulated to work together synergistically — I think we’re just beginning to learn the potential of this product combination.”

I started taking LunaRich X and saw improvement with my blood pressure and lost 16 pounds in two months. When I added Reliv Now, I dropped another 10 pounds. I feel great, have more energy with better focus and started working out again. My wife and son have also seen incredible results. Reliv is the solution for overall family health.

Adam Kendig  / Myrtle Beach, SC


I’ve lived with unhealthy cholesterol levels most of my life — it runs in my family. But not anymore! One year of using Reliv Now and LunaRich X and my numbers are all in the healthy range. My last visit to the doctor gave me the best blood work results I’ve ever had!

Jim Osterhout  / Palatine, IL



Retail Super Pack                         $3.17/day

Distributor Super Pack             $2.38/day – save 25%

Distributor Double Pack           $2.22/day – save 30%

Prices reflect one Reliv Now shake and two LunaRich X capsules per day and do not include tax or packaging & handling.