Super Excited to Build a Super Check!

Thielen, PamBy Reliv Hall of Famer Pam Thielen

I’m excited. No, I’m Super excited! Why? Because the LunaRich® Super Pack makes it easier than ever to move product through my Reliv business.  And moving product means making money — serious money.

The Super Pack removes the decision-making that used to hold Distributors up:

What products should I suggest to new people?

How do I get people who are interested in the products to consider the business?

How do I present the different Distributor levels — especially Master Affiliate?

The Super Pack comes with built-in answers to all of these questions. Everyone can benefit from taking Reliv Now® and LunaRich X™, so the target market is unlimited. And by packaging the products in a way that fits perfectly into Reliv’s wholesale discount structure, you can offer a real financial incentive to become a Distributor right away. Who doesn’t love a deal?

But my favorite part is the MA Super Pack. It further elevates the unique opportunity that comes with becoming a Reliv Master Affiliate. Plus, it makes moving that initial MA product order so much easier for new people. Just keep the free Super Pack for your own consumption, move the other nine and pocket a quick $500 or so. For the new Distributor, How can I sell 3,000 volume points worth of product? is replaced with I know nine people!

How do I know the Super Pack works? I’ve seen it in my own business — in just the first week! I got a new Distributor started with a Super Pack before I left for the Reliv cruise, had another one call to sign up on my way to the ship and added a third when I checked my phone after we returned to port!

The Super Pack simplifies your business, and makes getting new people started much easier to duplicate — layer after layer in your growing organization. Speaking of duplication, here’s what I’m doing and encouraging everyone in my organization to do:

  1. Order an MA Super Pack(s) and bring Super Packs with me wherever I go.
  2. Call my downline MAs and encourage them to do the same.
  3. Contact all my non-MA Distributors and let them know why now is the time to make the move to the MA level.
  4. Tell all my customers how they can save on Reliv products.
  5. Most Important: Revisit my list and reach out to new people to let them know there’s a great new way to start with Reliv.
  6. Bring an army of new, excited Distributors with me to the Next Level International Conference in July.

I hope you discover for yourself how the Reliv opportunity just went from great to Super great. In fact, I hope to hear you tell us about it from on stage in Kansas City. See you there!

Because of Reliv: My Entire Family is Healthy

Carter-webVicki Carter from Myrtle Beach, SC, shares her thoughts on how her whole family has benefited from Reliv.

I was an office manager for 16 years and always had to use vacation time to attend my daughter’s school functions. I noticed that other parents were at every school function and seemed to have more free time. That’s when another parent
introduced me to Reliv. I became a Distributor that month and a Master Affiliate the next. What began as a great business opportunity turned into a way for my family to become healthy together.
I had gained some weight over the years that I needed to lose, and Reliv helped me do it. My husband has seen incredible health results too — his cholesterol, allergies and digestive health have all improved. Our whole family feels great!

My Story: James Hodgin

JamesHodgin-webName: James Hodgin

Hometown: Bartlesville, OK

Gigs: Reliv

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now®, FibRestore®, ProVantage®, ReversAge®, Innergize!®, LunaRich X®, 24K

Looking for an Answer: Before I was introduced to the Reliv products, I lived with seasonal allergies and achy knees. Reliv brought relief.

Reverse Aging: After just 10 months on Reliv, I feel like I am almost reversing the aging process. I have lost 60 pounds, I breathe much easier and the joints in my knees have greatly improved.

Investing in Yourself: The single best investment you can make in yourself is prevention. Plenty of people seem to have the money to buy trivial things, but have none for what their bodies truly need. They should give Reliv a try!

My Story: Eileen Tesch

Tesch-webEileen Tesch of Algoniac, Michigan, rescued herself from an exhausting career as an attorney. Here’s how!

Reliv Regimen: LunaRich X®, Reliv Now®, Arthaffect®, FibRestore®

Burned Out: When I first found Reliv seven years ago, I was a burned-out attorney at a law firm. I thought the three food groups were caffeine, nicotine and happy hour. I was on my way to crash and burn.

Seeing a Change: I started the products, began losing weight and improved my outlook. Clients could even see the change in me! I wasn’t sure about the business, but I loved the idea of helping people. Thankfully I did start a Reliv business and eventually resigned from the law firm.  Continue reading “My Story: Eileen Tesch”

My Story: Nathan Tighe

Tighe-webNathan Tighe of Beavercreek, Ohio, is a busy college student working his Reliv business and staying healthy with optimal nutrition!

Reliv Regimen: 24K™, Reliv Now®, Innergize!®, LunaRich X®, ProVantage®

Eat Your Veggies: Starting out, I treated Reliv products like vegetables. I didn’t want to eat healthy stuff. Then I got mono in high school and had to have surgery on my throat. When I got back to school, I decided I needed to make a change and get healthy.

Work and Weights: I lift six days a week and experience very little soreness thanks to Reliv. I’m able to put up more weight and reps consistently. Even better, I take the products before my class at eight in the morning and I’m ready for the day!  Continue reading “My Story: Nathan Tighe”

My Story: Laura Lynn Martin

LynnMartin-webLaura Lynn Martin of Millbank, Ontario, is a homeschool teacher and involved in ministry. Reliv has become her best business opportunity!

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now®, LunaRich X®, Optain!® (Innergize!), Herbal Harmony® (FibRestore), ProVantage®

Wealth and Health: I was looking for nutrition and my husband was looking for a good business opportunity. When a friend shared Reliv, we jumped right into both. It’s been an absolute blessing. Now I share it with everybody I meet!

Power Tool: One day I met someone new. I popped my phone out to show her the Reliv epigenetics video. She was so impressed she became a Distributor that day. The video took all of the science behind epigenetics and made it easy to understand. She was hooked.  Continue reading “My Story: Laura Lynn Martin”

My Story: Nick Liemandt

Liemandt-webNick Liemandt of Collegeville, Minnesota, is a student who grew up taking Reliv and took it to college to stay aware and healthy!

Gigs: Reliv, college student

Reliv Regimen: 24K™, LunaRich X™, Reliv Now®, Reliv Now® for Kids, Arthaffect®, FibRestore®

No-Brainer: My mom started me on Reliv three years ago. She charged us $3 per day if we didn’t take our shakes. It was a no-brainer for me. I loved taking them!

One Step Ahead: Reliv is how I start my day. All of these other kids walk around with coffee mugs; I just grab a shot of 24K. By the afternoon, I don’t have to take a nap like my classmates. At the end of the day, I fall asleep right away and sleep through the night. Continue reading “My Story: Nick Liemandt”

Because of Reliv: I Am There for My Family

VanAmberg-webWhen Dawn VanAmberg of Livonia, Michigan, discovered Reliv, her kids were five months and two years old. She has been a Reliv Distributor for 17 years and her children are now in high school and college. “Reliv has given me the freedom to be there for my family,” Dawn says. “They’re very healthy because of it as well!”

After her daughters were born, Dawn became a stay-at-home mom but wanted to earn an income. She had no interest in returning to corporate America. “My kids were able to be with me all of the time,” Dawn says. “I could volunteer at their schools and really connect with them. To this day, my girls remember how I was always around!”

And Mom has enjoyed other benefits too. Dawn has earned multiple Reliv trips to destinations like Europe and Cancun. “Reliv is the most rewarding opportunity out there,” she says. “We’ve enjoyed remarkable health and the lifestyle of our dreams.”

To share your story, email us at!

Because of Reliv: We Travel the World

Stegenga-webJohn and Annette Stegenga of Jarvis, Ontario, have always been focused on service and dreamed of going on a mission trip. But they could never afford the trip until they received a Reliv bonus and decided to pay it forward. “In addition to paying off our mortgage and living debt-free, we were able to visit and work in Guatemala,” Annette says.

John performed mechanical work and Annette used her professional nursing skills to teach others in the health care field. They worked together at an orphanage and enjoyed it so much they went back a second time!

“We are able to make these mission trips an ongoing thing because of Reliv,” Annette says. “We’ve also been able to travel to see our four daughters and bring our family closer despite the distance,” she adds. “Reliv is the best!”