Super Results, Super Opportunity

Goltiao-webRudy and Aggie Goltiao, Morgan Hill, California

Aggie placed an order and got us started right away after our good friend, Sonny Mitchell, told us about Reliv. I had a triple bypass in 1998 at age 54 and have been going to the doctor every six months for blood testing because the maintenance drugs can damage my liver. I was looking for something natural to get my high cholesterol and my health under control.

I started taking Reliv Now® and LunaRich  X™ on a fairly regular basis. When I saw real results, I got serious about making Reliv a part of my daily regimen. I knew I had found something that worked, and my doctor confirmed it. My cholesterol has come back into the normal range thanks to Reliv.

Opportunity of a Lifetime
For 27 years I ran the Chevron station in San Jose. It’s hard to find time to go on vacation with a store that’s always open. With Reliv I’m no longer limited to the shop’s radius for customers — I can do my business worldwide. I even have a customer in Maryland! And we don’t have to mess with having employees or overhead expenses.

My downline Distributors caught on to the LunaRich® Super Pack and we’ve seen our business explode — we reached Key Director in May. It’s a pleasure to introduce people to Reliv. We’re helping people earn money through the business and save money on healthcare by preventing problems before they start.

How to Achieve Success with the LunaRich Super Pack



Extra Incentive
People see the value and simplicity of the LunaRich® Super Pack right away — especially the MA Super Pack. It gave reluctant prospects of mine the extra incentive to sign on as MAs, and they moved nine Super Packs right away. I have a new reason to approach and re-approach everyone on my list. I’m so excited about LunaRich and what’s happening at Reliv and it shows! – Diane Everett, Pinckney, Michigan

Simple Success
I’ve been working Reliv very part time for 11 years, but I earned my first Reliv trip in April with the help of the Super Pack. It simplifies the business, which makes talking about Reliv easier for new people. You don’t have to be a nutrition scientist; you just tell people to drink Reliv Now® shakes and take LunaRich X™ capsules every day. When their health results come — which they always do — they’re ready to build their own business right along with you. – Dave Zuro, Crestwood, Illinois

Easy Decision
The Super Pack simplifies the decision to get started. It directs people to the products to start on (Reliv Now and LunaRich X) and the profit level to start at (25% discount or MA Super Pack). Combined with the reduced profit level qualifications introduced this year, the Master Affiliate Super Pack makes the decision to go MA much easier. Instead of wondering how they are going to move thousands in volume, prospective MAs think, “I can move nine Super Packs!” – Paul Collins of Goffstown, New Hampshire 

Instant Earnings
We ordered our first Master Affiliate (MA) Super Pack the day they launched.  Before the order even arrived home, we had sold it and earned an instant $500! From there, we just kept moving Super Packs and worked our way onto the Quebec City trip. The Super Pack is the fastest strategy to sponsor and advance people within your organization. The key to success is to be prepared when opportunity arises, and your opportunity is the LunaRich Super Pack. – Rita and Jaime Montenegro, San Jose, CA

Why Reliv?



People become part of Reliv for a lot of reasons: to improve their health, to earn extra money, to enjoy a better lifestyle, to achieve financial independence, even to change the world. That’s the best part about Reliv — you can make it whatever you want it to be. Watch the video above and see for yourself.

So we gotta ask: “What’s your why?” Share your why in the comments below and we’ll enter your name into a drawing to win one of five “Ask me about my story” Reliv t-shirts.

Living It Up in Quebec City: Congratulations!

SubscribeButton-web5.0.2Congratulations to all the Reliv leaders enjoying a dream trip to Quebec City! Bon voyage!

Silver Ambassadors David & Betty Blazic, KS
Silver Ambassadors Sue & Bob Brusa, NH *
Double Platinum Ambassadors Jim & Sandy Schaben, NE
Silver Ambassadors Pam & Dean Thielen, NE
Double Platinum Ambassadors Richard & Linda Vance, CA

*also qualified as 10 time Dr. Ted plaque winners

Tom & Linda Tighe, OH

Gina Rivera & Bruno González, MEXICO

Francoise & Pierre Poulizac, FRANCE

Kamila Abdalla & Malyun Abdifatah, UNITED KINGDOM

Jean & Anne de Chassey, FRANCE
Norberta Lizárraga & Renato Parra Salas, MEXICO

Vicente & Manuela Cabrera, TX
Stephanie & Paul Collins, NH **
Terry & Sally Cover, PA
Nina Eringaard-Reijnen & Lie-Lie, NETHERLANDS
Diane Everett & Lisa Bean, MI
Beatrice & Alain Le Faucheur, FRANCE
Crismon & Vivienne Lewis, OR *
Feliciano & Sulamita Mendoza, TX
Rita & Jaime Montenegro, CA
Wanda Ostwald & Anja Liebel, GERMANY
Raul & Aurora Paredes, TX
Kristina & Andrew Pierce, OH
Desi & Karen Reuben-Sealy, UNITED KINGDOM
Sabine & Horst Scheuer, AUSTRIA
Stephanie Schwan & Martin Mueller, GERMANY
Eileen & James Tesch, MI
Pete & Liz Vreeland, SC
Scott & Dawn Weaver, PA
Dave & Jean Zuro, IL

*also qualified as 10 time Dr. Ted Plaque winners
** two time PGPV winners

Fannie & Vernon Kinsinger, MO




We Moved 90+ Super Packs and Earned Our Honeymoon!

Kristina & Andy Pierce success with the Reliv LunaRich Super Pack

I’m a numbers guy, so the LunaRich® Super Pack appealed to me immediately. I show people the savings and profit potential in real dollars. I used to put together product combinations myself to explain how people could buy at wholesale — now the Super Pack does it for me! At one in-home meeting we had three people leave with Super Packs; two of them came back days later for full MA Super Pack orders. Our organization moved 90+ Super Packs that month, and we became Key Directors. We also earned a trip to Quebec City — our chance for the honeymoon we never had!

Kristina & Andy Pierce of Ohio

Aloha Reliv!


by Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing Steve Hastings

One of the things I love most about Reliv is that it is a part of who I am, not just a job. And I’m not alone — it’s a trait shared by our most successful Reliv Distributors. Wherever they go, whatever they do, Reliv is a part of the experience.

My Dad (Dr. Carl) and I recently had the opportunity to enjoy a family vacation in Hawaii and were excited to spend some time with a local group of Distributors who are bringing Reliv to the islands. We spent a Saturday morning sharing the Reliv story with a lot of excited people — guests, long-time Reliv partners and new Distributors taking serious action with big goals for themselves and all of Hawaii. Continue reading “Aloha Reliv!”

Saying Goodbye to Seasonal Allergies: Debbi Grenz




Debbi Grenz of Albany, OR suffered from unbearable seasonal allergies since the age of seven. Allergic to mold, mildew and pollen, Debbi had trouble avoiding her seasonal allergies year-round. Summers brought on allergy-induced asthma while winter would stimulate nearly constant sinus infections. After battling her ailment for over 40 years, she finally found the perfect solution with Reliv. At the age of 50, Debbi started on Reliv products and found that she could finally breathe again. It has now been six years since she started using Reliv and has realized a new-found joy for life and all its seasons.

“There is no way you could take my Reliv products away from me! Thank you, Reliv!”

Reach Your Next Level in 2014





Reliv can help you become a better you in so many ways. Distributors often describe Reliv as a self-improvement opportunity disguised as a business — that the health benefits, financial rewards and personal growth they’ve experienced through Reliv are truly life changing.

So how are you going to improve yourself this year?

It’s time to take your health, business and life to the Next Level in 2014 — and Reliv will be with you every step of the way. We’re challenging you to think about what the “Next Level” is for you and make a pledge to get there.

Through our social networks, events and the Reliv blog, we’re inviting you to share your personal Next Level as a commitment to yourself that you’ll do the work to make it a reality. Want to lose weight? Advance a Distributor level? Spend more time with your kids or earn enough for a family vacation? Replace an income? Whatever your Next Level, we want to help you achieve it.


1. Answer this: What Next Level will I achieve in my health, my business, my lifestyle and myself in 2014?

2. Share your Next Level — with your family, at your next Reliv event, on Facebook…

3, Get to work to make it happen!

Hot Tip! Make sure to join us in Kansas City for the Next Level International Conference on July 24-26 to share how far you’ve come and get the tools and support you need to reach and exceed your goals.


Healthy & Helpful

Jeff Walker of Fort Wayne, IN, began his journey as a Reliv Distributor almost two years ago. He has found joy in his career as a pastry chef, but that isn’t all he’s passionate about. Jeff is taking both his business and personal health to the Next Level. His dream: to help others achieve their goals while achieving his own.

“A year ago this June, I ran my first ever 5K and signed up for my first ever gym membership. I couldn’t do it without the proper nutrition, attitude, and faith in a company that every day inspires me to push myself harder and help others.”



Bodager-webFamily Focused

Kelly Bodager of Wooster, OH, found her career as a registered nurse fulfilling but demanding, and she struggled to find time to spend with her family. She decided to take her family focus to the Next Level with Reliv. Now she still gets to help people with their health while being the best mom she can be.

“Reliv has allowed us to be the parents we always wanted to be while earning an income that far exceeds what we imagined possible from a home-based business. We have the freedom to really enjoy life together, and we can’t think of a better way to spend our time!”





Bendiksen-webBig Business

Eileen Bendiksen of Middlesboro, MA, has operated a successful Reliv business for 20 years. With Reliv’s new Super Pack and its “Dynamic Duo” of Reliv Now® and LunaRich X™, she’s taking her business to the Next Level in 2014.

“I was a pharmacist before I found Reliv, and as a medical professional I can’t tell you how amazed I am by the science behind LunaRich®. Reliv Now and LunaRich X perfectly complement each and offer a smart approach to staying healthy. This is true healthcare — giving the body what it wants. Epigenetics is the future, and Reliv is already there! I have a new life before me and the horizon is brighter than ever because of Reliv!”


6 Word Success

We asked you on the Reliv Blog to tell us how Reliv has helped you reach your Next Level. The challenge: to use only six words. Here are some of our favorites.

Regaining my health. Rebuilding my wealth.  [Tony Pezzullo]

Listen, grasp, struggle, learn, grow—wow!  [April Reynolds]

At last I love my job!   [Anne Gutierrez]

Sleep at night, energy all day!   [William Scott]

Reliv: A way of life to relove.   [Donna M. Martin]

Blessed our children; provided our future.   [Jeff and Jodi Sugrue]

Suffering without purpose to realizing dreams!   [Pam Thielen]

We are Reliving instead of existing.  [ Mark Suffield]

Reliv transformed me to Super Me!   [Cathy O’Loughlin]

Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness!   [Rita Lew]

Because of Reliv: I Earned a Rookie Bonus!






The Rookie Bonus gives new Master Affiliates an exclusive opportunity to earn big cash right away — up to $1,000 a month in each of their first three months! Veteran MAs can take home rewards too — $100 for every Rookie Bonus earner they sponsor. Learn more at


Pam Harrelson & Jerry Hatcher

We became Master Affiliates on December 31. Our strength came from our sponsor. It was her keeping us focused and encouraged that helped us earn the Rookie Bonus. She has been through everything we are going through now, which makes it so important and easy to follow her lead on our own journey. We achieved success by simply telling our story. We never forget that we first started with Reliv because we heard a story, and we never lose sight of what the products did for us in the first place.


Evon Morton

I joined Reliv in December after an accident left me with a broken hip. Life changed very quickly; I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do, but I was ready for more changes to come. Reliv has been the best of those changes. What I love about being a Reliv Distributor is offering hope to other people. When you find something that you are passionate about, it’s very easy to talk about it. Reliv’s products sell themselves because they work. I may have started out slow in my wheelchair, but now I’m walking, slowly but surely. I am looking forward to running wherever Reliv leads me!


Karen Armacost

My journey with Reliv actually began 10 years ago. After going through a divorce and having to take some time off, I knew Reliv was going to be there again when I was ready to get back on my feet. Once I came back to the business, I hit the ground running. I just started meeting people where they were and committed to listening and helping them. I have always said “I don’t know any strangers.” I love my job with Reliv. I got a re-do button and I couldn’t be more grateful for my Rookie Bonus to kick start my second chance.


Gail & William Lykens

We joined Reliv in late October. Having a wonderful sponsor who has been there to guide us has been a major key to our success. Our excitement is contagious, and our eagerness to tell our story and share our business makes connecting with others easy. It has been a very rewarding experience and fills a gap for us. We had been caregivers for several years before, and now we feel just as rewarded as we continue to help others with Reliv. We are in it for life!


Julie Umphlette

I decided to sign up as a Master Affiliate on Christmas Day after I saw amazing results from the products. My passion is playing tennis, and when my husband and I stopped needing ibuprofen and ice after our games, we knew we had found something special. I tried other home businesses before, but Reliv was different because it really is so simple: you work your business and you see return almost immediately. Everyone in Reliv has such a genuine interest in helping me grow my business. I truly believe that the only way you can fail with Reliv is if you stop telling people about it.

Earn more, earn fast.

The Rookie Bonus and the new MA Super Pack make becoming a Reliv Master Affiliate more rewarding than ever.



Big Business Across the Pond

Explosive growth continues in Europe — with no signs of slowing down!

Where can you find Reliv’s fastest growing market? Just look on the other side of the
Atlantic. With 2013 now in the books, Reliv has recorded four straight years of sustained
sales growth in Europe, and all signs point to continued expansion.
Their key to success? “Sticking to the basics,” says Eric Vill, Managing Director of Reliv
EU. “We have a tremendous group of leaders in Europe who have championed the
simple strategies that work in building a Reliv business. They make it easy for new
people to jump right in and start earning. The results speak for themselves.”

Mainland Europe in particular saw tremendous growth in 2013 with the number
of new Distributors increasing my more than 30% and total sales nearly doubling.

It was a big year in many ways. In January 2013, Reliv EU relocated its headquarters,
quadrupling its office and warehouse space and doubling its staff. In April, Reliv
officially opened in France, the sixth country of operation in Europe. And in October,
Reliv Chairman and CEO Robert L. Montgomery travelled to Paris to be part of the
biggest conference in Reliv EU history.

“We’ve got something great going,” Eric adds. “Watch out Reliv USA — we’re coming
to get you!”

Olivia Augustin: Netherlands

I was skeptical about direct selling, but after taking the products and experiencing great results,I started taking the business seriously. During my first three months I helped 10 people improve their health, with four of them joining me in the business. Now I’m busy building a stable Reliv distribution network. My goals are to replace my husband’s income so we can spend more time together and help others enjoy the Reliv lifestyle.

Maria Ershova: Germany

I am so excited to have achieved the Key Director level with Reliv! I made it happen by focusing on others instead of myself. When they succeeded, I succeeded right along with them. The future is bright and my big goal is that my husband, who travels every day, can quit his job. My vision is to make 10 millionaires! My advice: keep your goal in front of you, give more, expect nothing in return and you will get where you want to go.


Rene & Jacqueline Schön: Austria

We became Reliv Ambassadors by working with our team. The sooner you understand that it is all about teamwork, the quicker everybody reaches their personal goals. Setting smaller goals and reaching them keeps us motivated and drives our business. With Reliv we see that we are doing something worthwhile and being rewarded for helping others – and improving our own quality of life along the way.


Jean de Chassey: France

I’m really excited to be a Reliv Ambassador! I used to think it could happen only in a distant future, but Reliv success can come when you least expect it. Our goal is to have the freedom to change our way of life, so that my wife and I can pursue Reliv full time and take care of our little girl, Lucile, and all our children to come!


Zulfat Ahmed & Mohamed Abdillahi: UK

When we joined Reliv, it wasn’t our main goal to become Ambassadors, but as our business started to grow quickly, our rank began to change too. This was when we the idea of becoming Reliv Ambassadors became real. The key to Reliv success is to be honest and humble. Focus on your goals and, most importantly, love and enjoy what you do!



Eglantine & Joseph Lerolle: France
My Reliv business allows me choose my hours to fit around time with my children. My husband, Joseph, works away from home and used to have to travel for two hours a day. Reliv allowed us to move closer to Joseph’s job so that we can spend more time together. We dream of owning our own house and traveling to see my best friends who live in Australia and the UAE, and with Reliv I’m confident we can make that dream a reality!