My Story: Jorge and Amparo Marles

Driven to Succeed
Key Directors Jorge and Amparo Marles of Antioch, California, joined Reliv in order to replace Jorge’s salary. But their goals abruptly changed when Amparo’s job was downsized, and the couple found themselves without her six-figure income.
“We asked ourselves, ‘Where do we want to be in five years?’ and agreed our future was with Reliv,” Amparo states. “That first month of doing the business full-time, we earned over $3,000.
“Two months later, we suffered a very serious financial setback, which made us even more determined to succeed with Reliv,” Amparo continues. “The following month, we promoted nine Master Affiliates and achieved number one in the country in volume — earning just under $8,000!” Continue reading “My Story: Jorge and Amparo Marles”

My Story: Bev and Tom Webster

Living and Earning Thanks To Reliv
Master Affiliates Bev and Tom Webster of Topsham, Maine, were reacquainted at their 50th high school class reunion, fell in love and got married. Two years later, the stock market plummeted and most of their retirement assets followed.
Bev, a cosmetologist, and Tom, an accountant, decided to seek part-time work to supplement their income but were unsure of what they might be able to do together. One of Bev’s sons introduced the couple to Reliv and their lives took an unanticipated turn. Continue reading “My Story: Bev and Tom Webster”

My Story: David Townsend

College Freshman Building a Future With Reliv

David Townsend is 18 and a freshman at Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia. He’s a young man with ambitious dreams.

When David’s mom heard about Reliv, she thought it might be an opportunity for her son. David agreed, so he used the money he’d saved for a car to invest in his future. “I came in as a Master Affiliate in October because I saw a great opportunity with a company devoted to helping people,” he says. Continue reading “My Story: David Townsend”

My Story: Jen and Jason Arntz

Reliv Freedom Brings a Couple Closer Together

Jason Arntz, 24, was inspired to become a Reliv Distributor in college after witnessing improvements in his mother’s health.

As a college student, however, Jason was initially more interested in having fun than starting a business. “I didn’t really care about nutrition at that point. I think my body’s chemical makeup was basically soda and pizza,” he jokes. For three years, Jason didn’t do much to build his business. Continue reading “My Story: Jen and Jason Arntz”

My Story: Sidney Czynski

Reliv Business is “A Lot More Fun!”

Director Sidney Czynski of Lundelein, IL, was not interested in a business. Retired from a 30-year career as an airline attendant, she was physically exhausted. But she decided to try Reliv products for her health. Soon she was able to give up her second morning cup of coffee yet feel more energized than ever. Continue reading “My Story: Sidney Czynski”

My Story: Norman and Lorene Helmuth

A Home-Based Business Without a Time Clock

Key Directors Norman and Lorene Helmuth of Livingston, WI, had already been successful with several other businesses before they found Reliv. Norman keeps busy with carpentry and installation jobs as well as auctioneering at farm shows. Lorene cares for their seven children aged two to 15. Continue reading “My Story: Norman and Lorene Helmuth”

My Story: Joe Maydak

A New Lease on Life
After four months of suffering from chronic pain, Joe Maydak of Streamwood, Illinois, wound up in the hospital for 10 days. The diagnosis: internal shingles.
“I didn’t have a single lesion on my body, which is why the shingles went undiagnosed for so long,” Joe explains. “The doctors told me that I most likely had developed permanent nerve damage. Just putting on a shirt was painful.”
Joe went home from the hospital with an epidural in his back and prescriptions for pain medications.
“I was taking large amounts of pain relievers every month,” Joe recalls. “I’d essentially become a drug addict. I could barely finish a sentence; I was that ill.” Continue reading “My Story: Joe Maydak”

My Story: Hanna and Jeremiah Pence

Pence Name:Jeremiah & Hanna Pence

Hometown:Enid, OK

Current gig:Reliv, Farming, Volunteer firefighter (Jeremiah)

Pets: cows, chickens, horses, cats, dogs

Love through Reliv: “Jeremiah was in my upline and we became friends through Reliv,” Hanna says. “Finding my wife was the best thing about Reliv. This business attracts quality people!” Jeremiah adds.

Completing the family:“Family is most important. We always wanted to adopt. Because of Reliv we’ve been able to adopt and have time to invest in their lives,” Jeremiah says. “When we first met the girls they didn’t have parents, a home or pets. Today, they love their home and family, and they’ll make sure you meet their dogs or hear about the latest calf to be born,” Hanna adds.

A Reliv Lifestyle: “Thanks to Reliv, our life is focused on people, purpose and things that money can’t buy,” Jeremiah says.