The Reliv Business Opportunity: A Real Financial Tool

Financial advisor D. Mark Selman offers his insights into approaching people about the Reliv opportunity.

By D. Mark Selman

Most people dream of having money freedom and time freedom, and hope they will one day realize those dreams. Others have simply given up, not believing there is a possible solution. Reliv Distributors have a powerful financial tool to offer! What I believe can make a real difference in your business development program is how the business opportunity is first presented. Continue reading “The Reliv Business Opportunity: A Real Financial Tool”

Zig Ziglar, Endorphins and Reliv International Conference

I was listening to a Zig Ziglar motivational podcast this morning on the way to work: “Plan for your Success” from March 15, 2013. It’s about 16 minutes long, and you can find it in the iTunes store. While listening, I heard a tie to one of the biggest reasons you need to come to the Reliv 25 International Conference in Orlando.


Continue reading “Zig Ziglar, Endorphins and Reliv International Conference”

Reliv 25 Promotion: Making It Count

Promotions can create increased “action” in your business. The Reliv 25 Conference is fast approaching – and when it gets here, you want as much action in your business as possible. In this webinar Don Gibbons talks about how you can use the Reliv 25 Promotion to maximize your action levels and increase your business.

Reliv 25 Promotion: Making It Count
Hosted by: Don Gibbons

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Riding the Road to Success: Dan and Fern Utz

Bronze Presidential Ambassadors Dan and Fern Utz of Hicksville, Ohio, have traveled a long road with Reliv. Fern explains: “We had used Reliv products over 20 years ago, but just kind of fell away. I was feeling really run-down and we sorely needed some extra income — I had no idea we would find a solution for both in the same place! Continue reading “Riding the Road to Success: Dan and Fern Utz”

Invest in Your Success

“No matter how many people you have at the Reliv 25 Conference, you’re going to wish you’d brought more,” Presidential Platinum Ambassador Mindy Jones says. Mindy was a struggling single mom to her young daughter — working long hours at the dress shop she owned at the time — when she attended her first conference 23 years ago. Continue reading “Invest in Your Success”

Plan for Success: Make Your Own Milestones

A milestone like Reliv 25 is a great time to look back as a company on how far we’ve come and plan a course for the future. As a Reliv business owner, you don’t have to wait for a big anniversary to evaluate your progress — it should be a regular part of your business calendar. Continue reading “Plan for Success: Make Your Own Milestones”

Reliv 2013 National Conference Workshops

Learn business-building tips from some of Reliv’s most successful Distributors. Click the links below to hear audio recordings of these workshops from the 2013 Reliv National Conference.

Jump-Starting New Distributors: Presented by Presidential Silver Ambassador Harlan Humphrey

Winning the Mental Game to Reach the Masses: Presented by Presidential Platinum Ambassador Mindy Jones, Ambassador Sherri Selman, Bronze Ambassador Joyce Holthaus, Presidential Bronze Ambassador Mark Metts and Presidential Bronze Ambassador Amy Blaser