A Year Full of Huge Moments

Rogers It has been one “miraculous” year since Heather Rogers, of Newburyport, Massachusetts, started taking Relìv products.

Heather was spending her days on the couch, either sleeping or crying from the pain of a mysterious neurological disorder that doctors couldn’t diagnose. She couldn’t walk, speak clearly or swallow, and she had no use of her hands. Continue reading “A Year Full of Huge Moments”

Mother and Son Get Added Boost With GlucAffect

Presidential Bronze Ambassador Valerie Opie of Mesa, Arizona, is seeing some surprising new results — particularly in her mid-section — since starting on Relìv’s newest product, GlucAffect. “In the six weeks I’ve been on the product, I’ve lost an inch around my waist and three inches of belly fat,” Valerie reports.

Perhaps even more exciting to Valerie has been watching her 13-year-old son, Samuel, achieve his own results with GlucAffect. Continue reading “Mother and Son Get Added Boost With GlucAffect”

The Fog Lifts

Vess_1218037324 Roxanna Vess of Fletcher, North Carolina, started taking Relìv products six years ago, hoping for some relief from menopause symptoms. After three weeks, she experienced remarkable results, so naturally, she stayed consistent with the products. But the best was yet to come. Continue reading “The Fog Lifts”

Running on Reliv-To Become a State Champion!

Abby Albers is a high school athlete who has been breaking track records with the help of Relìv nutrition. “With Innergize!®, I stay hydrated throughout strenuous workouts,” Abby says. “And the nutrition from Relìv shakes has meant less muscle soreness, even when I do tough plyometric workouts.” AbbyAlbers_web Continue reading “Running on Reliv-To Become a State Champion!”