A Healthy Solution: Janice Beaird

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Janice Beaird calls Rapid City, South Dakota home as she works part time at a Western Tack Store, volunteers at a local hospital, and loves Reliv!

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Classic®, Reliv Now, FibRestore, CardioSentials®, ReversAge® and LunaRich X

Tired of Being Tired: Before Reliv, I was very tired and stressed. I had multiple health issues including my lungs, joints and vision. I was tired of always feeling run down and started looking for a healthy solution.

Making Progress: I started on Reliv nine years ago, and within two weeks I had renewed energy and less stress. Things got better from there. In the following months my joints felt better and my lung function improved. My vision even started improving!

Not Looking Back: My doctors have been amazed at the turnaround in my health.

The Smartest Thing I’ve Ever Done: Debbie Sias

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Name: Debbie Sias

Home: Hall City, Minnesota

Gigs: Reliv

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now®, Innergize!®, FibRestore®, LunaRich X

Going Gets Tough: We lost 98% of our income because of my husband’s heart attack and a business fire. We were in serious financial trouble and moved into a small hunting cabin. When we heard about the Reliv business opportunity, we knew we had to move on it.

Leap of Faith: To make our Master Affiliate order, we sold some extra furniture because we trusted that we would make our money back. Not only did we do that right away, we’re also making an income again. It was the smartest thing we ever did.

Moving On Up: We recently won a $500 Key Director Bonus and used the money to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary with our children in California. We had a wonderful time and it was great having our family together because everyone is scattered around. Our daughter from Germany was even able to come celebrate with us!




Tackling College with Reliv Sports Nutrition: Jack Hill




Name: Jack Hill

Home: Chicago, IL

Gigs: High school senior, Reliv Master Affiliate

Reliv RegimenReliv Now, Innergize!, FibRestore®, ProVantage®, 24K, Lunarich X

Making a Commitment: As a high school sophomore, I played varsity lacrosse. At the beginning of junior year, I verbally committed to play Division 1 lacrosse at a university in Connecticut. I knew I needed to get bigger, stronger and faster if I was going to succeed at that level.

Doing the Work: I started getting up at 6 am every day to run before class. I overhauled my diet to include fresh salads, whole wheat bread and thick ProVantage shakes from my mom, who is a Reliv Ambassador.

Worth the Hustle: I was injured during the first game of the season last year, but was diligent about therapy and nutrition to get me back on the field. I was cleared to play again after only 10 days and we ended up winning the State Championship! I also was named an All-American and am team captain this year. With Reliv, I’m ready to tackle college!

It Feels Good to Be a Woman: Liza Hernandez Johnston




Name: Liza Hernandez Johnston

Home: Rapid City, SD

Gigs: Mother of blended family of nine, kettle corn business, Reliv

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Classic®, FibRestore, Innergize!, Slimplicity®, GlucAffect®, LunaRich X

Enough is Enough: I suffered from terrible PMS symptoms for more than 20 years — debilitating cramps and terrible headaches every month. I even had an iron deficiency. None of the products I tried gave me any relief.

Chance Meeting: I was shopping one day and mentioned to someone that I had a headache. She started asking questions, and I told her about my health problems. Lucky for me she was a Reliv Distributor.

Sweet Relief: That was seven years ago. Today my iron levels are back up, and PMS and headaches are no longer issues. I feel great! Now I’m introducing other women like me to Reliv and thrilled to see them get results, too.

Young on the Inside: Evelyn Ferguson




Name: Evelyn Ferguson

Home: Bedford, Texas

Gigs: Retired government employee,
part-time childcare, Reliv

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now®, LunaRich X®, Innergize!®, FibRestore®, ProVantage®, Arthaffect®, CardioSentials®

Rude Awakening: In April 2013 I was in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. It totaled my car, and the emergency room doctors were amazed that my neck wasn’t broken. At 73 years of age, they couldn’t believe that I had survived.

Young on the Inside: Another doctor looked at a scan of my neck and told me that I have the bone health of a 35-year-old and he wished he was as healthy as me. I thank God that I survived that accident and know that Reliv played a part.

My Proof: I already had remarkable results on Reliv before my accident, but this is a fantastic example of what an important role prevention has to play. By keeping my body strong with Reliv nutrition for 12 years, I had the best shot possible at a fast recovery. Thanks, Reliv!


My Ticket Home: Lana Lempert




Name: Lana Lempert

Home: Cypress, CA

Gigs: Former clothing merchandiser, Reliv

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Classic, Reliv Now, FibRestore, Arthaffect®, Innergize!, ReversAge®, LunaRich X

Hard Work: I had a successful career working for Nordstrom, but a bulging slipped disc forced me to leave. I then opened an upscale resale shop, but was in a lot of pain and working 80 hours per week.

Finding Opportunity: I had tried many supplements and was skeptical, but decided to attend a Reliv presentation anyway. The money-back guarantee made me feel safe enough to give it a try. I was desperate to control my own schedule and finances.

Just What I Needed: I had a six-figure income, but had no life. I decided to dedicate 10 hours each week to Reliv, and after three years made it to Senior Director! Now I live the life I want. My business reaches into nine countries and I can pass it down to my son and grandchildren. It even afforded me to go home to see my family in the Ukraine — the trip of a lifetime!

Beating the Blues with Reliv: Megan Sternhagen




Name: Megan Sternhagen

Home: Westfield, Indiana

Gigs: Full-time nanny, birth doula, student, photographer, Reliv

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now, LunaRich X, Innergize!, SoySentials®

Family Tradition: My parents introduced me to Reliv, and I believed in the products from the change I saw in my mother. I knew that these products would be big!

Moody Blues: I used to have debilitating mood swings, and Reliv helped me get them in check. Reliv has also improved the health of my 11 siblings in various ways. Seeing how it has benefitted the health of my family is amazing!

Priceless: My own results and success are wonderful, but the joy I get when someone tells me that I made a difference in their life is priceless. Reliv gives me the ability to make positive change in the lives of others as I achieve financial freedom, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

Serving our Distributors: Gabriela Cervantes




Name: Gabriela Cervantes

Home: St. Louis, Missouri

Gigs: Reliv Distributor Services Center

Reliv Regimen: LunaRich X® 

A Decade of Nutrition: I started working at Reliv HQ 10 years ago, and it has been so exciting to see all the changes over that decade. Many of our Distributors have been around that long (and longer) and we’ve grown along with them.

Leap Forward: Reliv has always produced exceptional products, and it has been fun to watch all the product launches. Our commitment to quality hasn’t changed, but now we have LunaRich® and nutritional epigenetics. This is the time for Reliv to shine!

Here to Serve You: I work with an amazing team of people in the Distributor Services Center. We’re like a little family on one mission: to better serve you. The best part of my job is hearing the health stories of people calling to order product. We’re always here to help!

A Reporter with News for You: Shannon Shepherd




Name: Shannon Shepherd

Home: Syracuse, NY

Gigs:  Sports anchor/reporter WSYR Syracuse

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now®, LunaRich X™, Innergize!® and 24K®

Getting the Scoop:  I’m a weekend sports anchor at News Channel 9 in Syracuse. At 24, I’m always looking for ways to stay healthy. Unfortunately, busy days can lead to grabbing a quick fast food meal or making dinner late at night.

6-5-4-3-2-1 Plan: I came up with a simple plan to keep on track: 6 glasses of waters a day, 5 LunaRich X Capsules a day, 4 workouts a week, 3 fruits/veggies a day, 2 Reliv shakes a day and 1 treat a day.

New Level of Wellness: My immune system is stronger and I have a great sense of wellbeing and calm, on and off the camera. I’m all about prevention and know that Reliv’s epigenetic nutrition will keep me healthy for years to come.

Reliv is Our Answer: Vincente & Manuela Cabrera





Name: Vincente & Manuela Cabrera

Hometown: Austin, TX

Gigs: Reliv

Reliv regimen: Reliv Now©, Innergize!©, FibRestore©, LunaRich X™

A new horizon: We dreamed of starting our own business. We considered opening a restaurant, but knew that would not give us the freedom we craved.

Our solution: We decided Reliv was the answer: home-based, minimum investment, guaranteed quality products, company support and help available from our upline. Plus, we could work our business together. We started as Master Affiliates, got trained, learned the business model and established our goals.

Fast learners: We committed to working one year and then reviewing our results. In our first month we shared the LunaRich® Super Packs and many of our friends signed up. We quickly recouped our investment and had our own free product from the MA Super Pack. We have already reached the Key Director level and with it a $500 check, plus a $1,000 Rookie Bonus! Reliv even took us to Quebec City! We have found our future.