Focusing on Others: Ruth Davis


Ruth Davis from Norton, Ohio is a full-time Reliv Distributor who focuses her business on the needs of others!

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now®, LunaRich X™

A New Dream: When I decided to give Reliv a try, I never dreamed it would be possible to do the things I am doing now with my business. My Reliv sponsor gave me great advice: “If you are focused on just helping people, business success will come.”

Sharing Success: I lost weight and I am maintaining that weight loss. It’s particularly amazing because I have an underactive thyroid. My own success has made me very keen and more passionate about sensing others’ needs.

Amazingly Simple: It amazes me that we can make as much money as we do. We always ask ourselves, “How are we going to get to $2,000 this month? ” Then we do it. I am going to keep helping people wherever I go.



Faster, Stronger, Better: Ryan Parr


Ryan Parr works at a non-profit sports medicine store in Kansas City, but turns to Reliv nutrition to give him a competitive edge.

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now®, Innergize!®, ProVantage®, 24K®

Staying Active: I like to stay active. In college, I played basketball, football, track, tennis, and I was a nationally competitive cheerleader. Now in my early 30s, I still play sports and compete in adventure running, 5Ks and half marathons.

Scientific Solution: I lost hope in supplementing. I decided to increase my fruits and veggies instead. When someone told me about Reliv, I was very skeptical. I asked a lot of questions and was impressed by the scientific answers. After taking Reliv, I started feeling better about a month later. It boosted my immune system, and my energy levels are sky high.

Athletic Boost: Reliv has cut my recovery time by a third. Performance-wise, I am faster, stronger and lighter than ever. I am way more efficient now. I wish I would have found Reliv sooner!

I Knew Reliv Was For Me: Jean Walters


Jean Walters from St. Louis, Missouri is a counselor whoWalters-web (7) found Reliv through a networking event.

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now®, LunaRich X™, Innergize!®,

Healing Thoughts: Through my counseling practice and teaching classes on empowerment, I know a lot of people. I met my sponsor at a networking event, heard about Reliv and knew it was for me.

Strong Start: I signed up as a Master Affiliate and knew I had a hold of something special. People started asking me what I was doing and how it was working. I simply shared the message of wellness and financial security that Reliv offers. Before I knew it, I was winning Rookie Bonuses and watching my network grow.

Super Deal:Every new regimen takes time, so I tell people they might need to be on a Reliv product regimen for a few months to see the full benefit. The Super Pack helps get them there, and it perfectly suits my personal rhythm with this business.


Reliv Helps Me Thrive: Susan Pratt

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Susan Pratt of Baytown, Texas has seen improvements from Reliv that she never expected!

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now, LunaRich X, Arthaffect, Innergize!, SoySentials®

Sniffle Season: I have always had horrible seasonal allergies and sinus infections. I used to dread April and October because I knew I’d be miserable.

Sweet Relief: Since starting Reliv five years ago I noticed that my allergies are no longer a problem and I can now enjoy the spring and autumn. Additionally, my cholesterol is lower and Reliv has helped improve joint function in my knee and ankle. I wasn’t looking for all these results, but I welcome the side benefits!

Even More: As if that weren’t enough, Reliv helped me heal faster than my doctors expected after I crushed my ankle in a car accident. It’s reassuring to know that Reliv nutrition is giving my body the fuel it needs to thrive — probably even more than I realize.

Optimal Nutrition: Daniel Duncan

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Daniel Duncan works in St. Louis, Missouri at the Reliv, Inc. Headquarters as Assistant Multimedia Producer! Reliv products give him energy to do his job, and more!

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now, Slimplicity, ProVantage®, LunaRich X

Healthy Start: I’m a healthy guy in my late 20s and have always been interested in fitness and nutrition. My goal is to maintain my good health and focus on prevention, so Reliv is perfect for me.

Work It Out: I run every day and lift weights because I know about my family history of heart attacks and stroke. I eat well and exercise, but I know that isn’t enough. My body needs optimal nutrition, and that’s where Reliv comes in.

Perfect Fit: I started to incorporate Reliv Now and ProVantage into my breakfast smoothie, and I noticed that my endurance and reps started increasing. When I hit the gym after work, even after a long day producing Reliv videos, I’ve got the focus I need to commit to my workout. Reliv’s soy protein keeps me going!


Reliv Is My Energy Solution: Maria Helmold

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Maria Helmold is a Senior at Bellarmine University in Chicago, Illinois and has been taking Reliv for years.

Reliv Regmen: Reliv Now, Innergize!, 24K®, LunaRich X

Healthy Start: I’ve been taking Reliv products all my life because it’s important to my family. I didn’t miss a single day of high school, and now that I’m in college, I’m on the dean’s list and making excellent grades.

Night Shift: I work night shifts as a nurse’s aid and pull all-nighters studying. Reliv gives me the energy I need to go from studying to class to exams to clinicals. It keeps my mind focused and alert. Even though I work in hospitals three times per week, I still don’t get sick.

Sharing & Caring: My friends can’t imagine how I’m so peppy after pulling a 12-hour night shift and then going to class. I share my Reliv products with a friend, and when we study all night together, 24K is always close by. When I graduate, I’ll be working night shifts full-time, and Reliv 
will remain my energy solution.

The Value of A Reliv Business: Marco Romeiro

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Marco Romeiro of Tyngsborough, Massachusetts found Reliv through his full time position as a pastor!

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now, LunaRich X, Arthaffect®, Slimplicity, Cellebrate®

Sweet Relief: My wife battled back issues and we had spent a lot of money trying to help her. A friend told us about Reliv and she found relief with Arthaffect and Reliv Now. We immediately saw the value of this business.

Share the Story: I’m a full-time pastor, which gives me the chance to speak with many people who need to hear the Reliv message. We started telling other people our story and our business started growing. We earned the top Rookie Bonus of $1,000 in September and another bonus in October!

Super Success: The Reliv Super Pack is a tremendous business tool. We told one person about the Super Pack and he bought 10 of them on the spot! We even buy Super Packs to send as gifts from our church to missionaries in the field, blessing them with optimal nutrition and good health.