November Reliv Blog Contest


After yesterday’s big announcements, Reliv Distributors across the country have a whole new set of goals to end 2015. (Anyone interested in a trip to Cancun?)

So we wanted to ask: What goals have you achieved since you first discovered Reliv?

  • Optimal health to get the most out of each day?
  • Weight lost, energy regained?
  • Extra income to help make ends meet every month?
  • Escape from an unrewarding corporate job?
  • Freedom to lead the lifestyle of your dreams?
  • All of the above?!


Let us know what specific life goals Reliv has helped you achieve by leaving a comment below. We’ll draw winners from among the responses and send you a Reliv prize!


June Reliv Blog Contest


At Reliv 2015 is the year of YOU. In fact, The Power of YOU is our theme for this year’s Reliv International Conference in St. Louis!

What does “The Power of YOU” mean to you? How is Reliv helping you bring out your best in 2015? We asked you to tell us in one sentence for your chance to win great Reliv prizes! The selected winners are listed below:

  • The power to effect the lives of many with one question: “Have you ever heard about Reliv?” – Richard Vance
  • Thanks to Reliv, good health is now a choice; that’s power to YOU, me and everyone! – Crismon Lewis
  • It’s the power to help others achieve unprecedented health, wellness and financial security! – Ruth Davis

Thanks to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for another Reliv contest soon!

Win a Reliv T-shirt from Lifestyle Magazine


Win a Reliv T-shirt! Here’s how: tell us how Reliv will make your family’s summer better.

Will Reliv products help you run a 5K, explore the outdoors or coach your kid’s t-ball team?

Will your Reliv business enable you to go on a vacation, come home from your corporate job or send your kids to camp or off to college?

Leave your reply in the comments below and be sure to include your contact information.

If we feature your response in Lifestyle magazine, we’ll send you a T-shirt!

August Reliv Blog Contest


The Bat Signal

Caption This CAN-did Photo!

There are some serious shenanigans going on at the Reliv Headquarters in Chesterfield, MO! We found this can of Reliv Now® ready for action and asked you what is he thinking in this photo? What will he say next?  Here are our favorites from the submissions:

The Dark Knight Relivs – Sheila Umbs

NOW is the time to step up and be Super You! – Elizabeth Saipe

Time to save the world again from the evils of poor nutrition! – Raul Paredes

I’m armed and ready! Let’s go nourish the world! – Cheryl Grinstead

There’s no disguising the fact that the Dynamic Duo works! – Linda Pixton

July Reliv Contest: Caption This Photo





There are some serious shenanigans going on at the Reliv Headquarters in Chesterfield, MO, and Tom Pinnock is involved! What is he thinking in this photo? What will he say next? We asked you to send in your best captions, and here are our favorites:

“Before Reliv, my idea of exercise was pulling the plug on the bathtub and fighting the current!” – Lisa Hartzler

“This is what happens after a week without FibRestore!” –Joseph Kirk Kunze

“I am Tom; Tom I am! I’m the Epigenetic Super Man!” –Caroline Laverdiere

“I don’t always do curls with 10 pound dumbbells, but when I do I make sure to add ProVantage to my Reliv shake.” – Shirley Frankenbery

“Oops! That one slipped out! Maybe a little less FibRestore next workout!” – Lauren Laird

May Reliv Mommy & Me Blog Contest


May is a wonderful month to celebrate motherhood! Our mothers do so much for us, and it’s time to tell the world how great they are! Did your mother teach you about optimal nutrition? Does she still call to make sure you’re still stocked up with Reliv Now® and LunaRich X®? We asked you to share her best advice to you, and here are the winning responses!

Margie Porter's Mom


My mother was the best.  She had a way of making everyone feel that they were the most important good person on the earth, she loved with unconditional love. – Margie Porter, Mesa, AZ







Terry Kilburg


My mother is my upline, and she makes sure I take my Reliv shakes correctly and consistently! – Terry Kilburg, Bellevue, IA




Joe Kunze


My mother introduced Reliv to me when I was 16. I have gone from a broken back to pain-free over the past 17 years and could not have the life I have now without her caring for my health in every way. – Joe Kunze, Grand Prairie, TX


April Reliv Contest: Share Your 6-Word Story

6wordstory-web (1)Everybody has a story, and in April we challenged you to share yours … in just 6 words! How has Reliv changed your life? Improved your health? Grown your finances?

Still writing? Need inspiration? Check out the 6-word memoirs at SMITH magazine.

Here are the winning submissions!

  • Regaining my health, rebuilding my wealth. – Tony Pezzullo of Michigan
  • Addition of nutrition improves my condition. – Sandy Kizior of Illinois
  • At last I love my job! – Anne Gutierrez of France
  • Reliv gave me my life back. – Betty Buccine of Pennsylvania
  • We are Reliving instead of existing. – Mark Suffield of Kansas
  • Reliv transformed me to SUPER ME! – Cathy O’Loughlin of Illinois
  • Wellness, income, friends – can’t beat it! – Nancy  Couch Nowak of Michigan
  • My business, my health, my passions. – Cari Campion of Minnesota
  • Reliv is my health care plan! – Vicki Mosher of Ohio
  • Once we couldn’t; now we can! – Sara Stock of Missouri

February Reliv Instagram Contest Winners

InstagramGrid-webThese awesome photos were submitted to our February Instagram contest! Follow us @relivinternational, and follow these fine folks as well!

  1. @thelightthatshineswithin
  2. @thelightthatshineswithin
  3. @quietdignity
  4. @peterdlight
  5. @mypotterswheel
  6. @mrjohnnynine
  7. @mrdaps
  8. @kaileyclark1
  9. @jrock_yogini
  10. @joyclicks
  11. @jholty
  12. @jholty
  13. @jeffwalkerofficial
  14. @jeffwalkerofficial
  15. @inspiredmadness
  16. @crnelis
  17. @crnelis
  18. @chelsea_does_nails
  19. @bethannemull
  20. @beckahpayne

If you see your photo and Instagram handle above, send an email to with your mailing address to claim your prize! Way to go, everyone! Keep it up!