Meet Me in St. Louis for Reliv’s International Conference

St. Louis Arch Conference 2015

The Midwest is known for the friendliness of its people, and you can expect homegrown hospitality when you visit St. Louis for the Reliv International Conference in August. Plus, there’s so much to do! Some of the best experiences are free and perfect for families. Continue reading “Meet Me in St. Louis for Reliv’s International Conference”

How to Find and Expose New People to Reliv


Your business grows only when you bring new people into Reliv. This workshop, featuring four Distributor leaders making things happen, shows you successful approaches to building your organization. You’ll hear from Presidential Silver Ambassadors Sue and Bob Brusa and Ambassador Paul and Cayla Collins about what to do once you’ve made your initial contact with a new person.

Propel Your Business to the Next Level




Ready for success? Watch this! Reliv Hall of Famer Pam Thielen and Presidential Bronze Ambassador Lavonne Oswald provide practical tips you can put to use right now to accelerate massive growth in your business.

“I am more exited today about Reliv than I have ever been,” Pam says. “This is the time to grab a hold of it and take off because then you can ride the wave.”

10 Reasons NOT to Go to International Conference


Reliv’s International Conference is just a few months away, and you’ve probably considered going. Stop right there and consider what will happen if you do attend:

  1. You’ll burn through camera batteries as you snap photos of all your new friends.
  2. You’ll ruin your handkerchief with tears after you hear inspiring, life-changing stories.
  3. You’ll lose your voice from cheering all the big announcements.
  4. You’ll feel sorry for all your friends who didn’t make the trip.
  5. You’ll have your mind blown by Reliv scientists and the possibilities of the epigenetic revolution.
  6. Your hand will cramp from all the note taking, texting and hand shaking you do.
  7. Your face will hurt from smiling and laughing all weekend long.
  8. You’ll have no choice but to spring into action with what you learn from Reliv’s top business builders.
  9. You’ll have to keep up with all the new business you generate in the days that follow.
  10. You’ll have to make yet another trip to the bank to deposit your ever-growing Reliv check.

If you’re really interested in taking control of your life, then fine, go to Conference. If getting the most out of every day doesn’t sound exhausting to you, then be my guest — punch your ticket to Kansas City. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you when you end up on stage telling your success story at every Reliv conference for years to come.

Don’t be an April Fool! Sign up for International Conference today! Early bird pricing has been extended through the end of the month — register now and save $40!


Reliv 25 Agenda Available


The Reliv 25 International Conference agenda is finalized and ready to view! Three unforgettable days jam-packed with the excitement, recognition, information and fun you’ve come to expect at a Reliv conference — plus special announcements and surprises we’ve saved especially for our 25th Anniversary celebration. Get ready for a Reliv party a quarter-century in the making! Continue reading “Reliv 25 Agenda Available”

Zig Ziglar, Endorphins and Reliv International Conference

I was listening to a Zig Ziglar motivational podcast this morning on the way to work: “Plan for your Success” from March 15, 2013. It’s about 16 minutes long, and you can find it in the iTunes store. While listening, I heard a tie to one of the biggest reasons you need to come to the Reliv 25 International Conference in Orlando.


Continue reading “Zig Ziglar, Endorphins and Reliv International Conference”