Hall of Fame: Tom and Valarie Moody

TomValMoody(1)Success is all in the family.

In 1988, Tom Moody of Chicago helped raise start-up capital for the launch of Reliv International. Impressed with his achievement, Reliv president Bob Montgomery asked Tom if he’d like to be the company’s first Distributor. “I was a financial guy,” Tom says. “I had no interest in network marketing.” Continue reading “Hall of Fame: Tom and Valarie Moody”

Hall of Fame: Doris Smith Leissing and Henry Leissing

LeissingBuilding a legacy. Many in the Reliv family know Doris Smith Leissing’s story and have drawn inspiration from her remarkable achievements. Coming into the organization 15 years ago, hoping to earn a little extra income, finding herself a widowed mother of three with just one opportunity before her — her budding business — Doris and Henry have arrived at the Double Platinum level. Continue reading “Hall of Fame: Doris Smith Leissing and Henry Leissing”

Meet Our Ambassadors: Gena and George Winchell

Winchell20070514Volunteering for a better life.

Reliv’s Silver Ambassadors Gena and George Winchell of Atkinson, New Hampshire, are busier than ever, doing what they love. George, a retired police officer, is currently serving his third term as state representative (for which he is paid $100) and puts in many hours every week volunteering for the community. Continue reading “Meet Our Ambassadors: Gena and George Winchell”

Hall of Fame: Linda and Richard Vance

vances2Reliv is a melting pot of opportunity.

Double Platinum Ambassadors Linda and Richard Vance of Clayton, California, credits her own success in Reliv to an entrepreneurial mentality and the understanding that you must give in many ways before you receive. Continue reading “Hall of Fame: Linda and Richard Vance”

Meet Our Ambassadors: Tom and Linda Tighe

Tighe2Family views Reliv as a ‘blessing’

Reliv Silver Ambassadors Tom and Linda Tighe of Beavercreek, OH, say they started to envision themselves as Ambassadors with the company in 1996, when they initially saw Reliv’s business plan. They credit their success to consistently balancing their family and work life, a goal that Reliv makes possible, and even encourages. Continue reading “Meet Our Ambassadors: Tom and Linda Tighe”

Meet Our Ambassadors: Davis and Lori Rogers

The gift that keeps giving.

Presidential Gold Ambassadors, Davis and Lori Rogers, of Washington, Utah, didn’t wait around to start taking their Reliv business seriously. Lori, a former schoolteacher, and Davis, a mechanical engineer, say they are thankful they recognized Reliv for the gift that it was five years ago, because it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Continue reading “Meet Our Ambassadors: Davis and Lori Rogers”