Meet Our Ambassadors: Mair Hill


Mair Hill GOOD

The Greatest Finish Line: Reliv

When Mair Hill races, she doesn’t usually socialize with other runners. That changed when she met Susan in a half-marathon in June 2002. The two chatted and became friends, and when they met for lunch next February, Susan introduced her to Reliv.

She also owned a company she had been building for 17 years in manufacturing representation. For a while, she juggled both, working 60 to 80 hours a week. But when she realized she was missing out on time with her husband and three sons, she chose Reliv, which has allowed her to make her own schedule. Although Mair had been wary about it, by the end of the meal she was convinced to try Reliv. A week later, she decided to start her own Reliv business.

“The biggest impact is that I’m very close to my boys,” she says. “I know that it’s a direct result of Reliv.”

However, she didn’t lose what she loved about running her own business, either. “I knew what I wanted most was to teach and train,” she says, which has become her favorite part of Reliv. “I really enjoy seeking new opportunities to meet new people and hear their stories.”

Helping Others

Joining Reliv also fit right in with her passion: helping people. “The ability to help people get the results they want with their health has been amazing,” she says. “It’s not about how good I am. It’s about helping others.” She has seen this impact in her own family firsthand. Before Reliv, her young son needed five surgeries to fight his chronic ear infections. Since Reliv, he has had only 2 ear infections in 12 years.

Although introduced to Mair by chance, Reliv has given her a new friendship and complete transformation to her life and her family. “I’m so grateful for Reliv,” she says. “I’d recommend it in a minute. It can be everything you want it to be.”

Advice to New Distributors

“Bob Montgomery always says the only wail to fail in Reliv is to quit. I completely agree. Reliv is a simple business. The trick is to do what you need to do to succeed in the time you want to succeed. No one is gauging you or managing you. Your expectations are your own. You have all of the support you need, you just have to want it and seek it out.”


Meet Our Ambassadors: Marscia and Jeff Fleagle

Marscia & Jeff FleagleFour years ago, Marscia Fleagle was suffering from acid reflux, chronic yeast, joint problems and her hair was falling out. Her 14 hour days on the pool deck as a swim coach were becoming taxing, and she was also busy in her 21st year of home educating her 10 children.

When she saw her friend Margaret Nafziger had been using Reliv products and that her family was seeing positive results, she tried it for herself. In three days, she was already beginning to feel better. “I had a sense of wellness I hadn’t had in probably 15 years,” she says.

Although Jeff was skeptical, he decided to try Reliv after learning of their sister-in-law’s health issues. Since Jeff was on board, Marscia knew her family could begin investing in the company. All their children (including six medical professionals) have become believers in Reliv, too.

Marscia was hesitant to start a business because of her busy schedule, but has found it rewarding. She has been able to help children she coaches with her Reliv recommendations, including one child with eczema and one who had needed five medications. “I just see people who are hurting,” she says. “I just can’t keep my mouth quiet about it.”

Her experience with Reliv has dramatically changed her family, too. Her son Josh needed shock therapy and to ice his muscles after his swim meets, but after using Reliv has been able to train harder with less pain than before. “I wouldn’t give them anything but the best,” she says. When her son Jason visited Reliv headquarters in St. Louis, he was happy to find that the company had the same values as the Fleagles. “Now there isn’t anything holding us back,” Marscia says. “Reliv is truth and you need to get that truth out there.”

Meet Our Ambassadors: Jonathan and Marjorie Gehman

Gehman_350wAmbassadors Jonathan and Marjorie Gehman from Myerstown, PA are thankful to Reliv for enabling them to spend more time with their family.

Marjorie stays home with their six children and Jonathan is a truck driver. The two work their Reliv business part-time.  Continue reading “Meet Our Ambassadors: Jonathan and Marjorie Gehman”

Meet Our Ambassadors: Chris and Karin Ederer

EdererFamAmbassadors Karin and Chris Ederer had been searching tirelessly for a solution to their daughter’s health complications and were disappointed by other supplements and medications. When they heard about Reliv, they knew they were on the right track. They heard the formulas were balanced, scientifically-based and safe, so they decided to give the products a shot. Karin, Chris, and their three children began drinking Reliv shakes and saw amazing results within a few months. When their daughter’s health problems cleared up, the family became Reliv believers. Continue reading “Meet Our Ambassadors: Chris and Karin Ederer”

Meet Our Ambassadors: Larry and Sandy Short

 Ambassadors Larry and Sandy Short of Pratt, KS enjoy working together. Before being introduced to the products in 2006, Sandy was a full-time Biology teacher and Larry worked as an electrician, but on the weekends they combined forces and ran a successful landscaping business. Now, six years later, only the businesses they run together remain: landscaping and Reliv.

 Making Time for Reliv 

Sandy recalls waking up at 4 o’clock in the morning before going to work to read through Reliv brochures and watch the videos.

Larry says, “She would wake me up and say, ‘You have to hear this!’”  Continue reading “Meet Our Ambassadors: Larry and Sandy Short”

Meet Our Ambassadors: Robert and Jean Benna

Benna, Robert and JeanRelief With Reliv

Bronze Ambassadors Robert and Jean Benna are no stranger to nutritional supplements. Before discovering Reliv, they played the role of “kitchen chemists,” mixing and matching various supplements to try and maximize their health. Continue reading “Meet Our Ambassadors: Robert and Jean Benna”