The Inside Scoop on Reliv Bonus and Award Winners from January 2021

We love to hear from our Reliv Distributors who are making advancements, earning bonuses, and showing how to shake up their business. Below, you’ll hear from Distributors and couples about their Reliv regimen, results, and what they’re doing to grow their Reliv businesses. You might even get some great advice to help you follow in their footsteps!

Reliv Key Director Carole Biltz

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: Eureka, Montana

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: I love the Reliv products and I’m so grateful for them as I have a large family of 7 biological kids and 2 bonus which equals 9 kids! I will tell you that the Reliv products have been an essential part of me being a happy healthy mom that I feel called to be! For one; I can actually sleep at night which is so important! I have a long list of how Reliv products have changed my life for the better and I thank God for them all the time and pray myself and my family never have to face being without them!

Q: What do you do that helps you grow your Reliv business?
A: We believe Reliv is a gift from God, and introducing people to by sharing stories is how we have built a thriving Reliv business! I’m sure as my children start to experience again the incredible benefits and results of Reliv, they will want to get involved.

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: My advice to a new Distributor is similar to the advice I’ve been given: it’s not about me! Have a good attitude and look for opportunities to serve others for what THEY need. When sharing, do it with your heart and always listen. After all, we have two ears but only one mouth for a reason!

Reliv Senior Director Dawn Tucci

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania

Q: In addition to Reliv, what are your other gigs?
A: I am a dietitian and promote a healthy lifestyle on social media.

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: I drink two shakes per day. Each has Reliv Classic®, Innergize!®, FibRestore®, Arthaffect®, SoySentials®, ReversAge®, ProVantage®. I also take 2 LunaRich X™ capsules and Purify at night.

Q: What results have you seen?
A: I have experienced freedom from menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and the frequency of my headaches has decreased. I have great stamina and sleep well. I have also experienced an improved ability to exercise.

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?
A: I live the best life possible with regard to my health. Helping others with their health is what I have always done in my career as a dietitian, and I am able to do that even better today by incorporating the Reliv products. I also have a great purpose every day to help others with the health of their business. My lifetime goal of nourishing hungry children is becoming a reality thanks to the Reliv Kalogris Foundation. I’ve also grown personally and professionally and now have friends all over the world.

Q: What do you do that helps you grow your Reliv business?
A: I network online and in person when possible. I get referrals every week because I have provided great customer service and people have gotten results. I also reach out through social media and am continuing to develop this avenue of effectively reaching people and supporting them.

Q: How has your Reliv business impacted your life?
A: My Reliv business has helped pay for my family’s products. It has also allowed the purchase of some extras. Now I am investing a bit of it in growing my social media presence and am seeing some that I can place in our family’s budget.

Q: What do you tell others about Reliv?
A: I tell people that this company has made a difference in my life and they need to hear about what we do.

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: Just get started. Take the products consistently and build your own story and wall of belief. Let those who helped you help others. Let the people around you know that you have found something that really works.

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?
A: My next goal is to be invited into the worldwide Ambassador program and keep earning bonuses!

Q: Why did you choose Reliv? 
A: I had a need with my health which forced me to be open to this. I had been approached before but did not see how this could be any different from the other supplements that were not working. I chose Reliv because I heard stories of how it was helping people.

Reliv Key Director Janet Gildred
Congratulations to Janet, who placed 2nd in the Top 3 Bonus for January 2021

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: Palm Coast, Florida

Q: In addition to Reliv, what are your other gigs?
A: I love helping family, the community, and being involved in my church.

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: My shakes include Reliv Classic®, Innergize!®, FibRestore®, ProVantage®, LunaRich X™ and for afternoon focus, Reliv Now® for Kids, 24K® and ReversAge®.

Q: What results have you seen?
A: My results with Reliv have been life-changing! As long as I am consistent with the Reliv nutrition my muscle discomfort is relieved. The headaches I have had for years have diminished greatly and if I do have one it is less severe. I cannot be more grateful for these positive changes! I have enjoyed more energy, focus, confidence, and a greater sense of well-being. I am so blessed with this stellar, pure nutrition!

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?
A: All of the results I mentioned above and I love being part of the Reliv community, great people! Also, it is so rewarding to be able to offer people hope with health and finances through all that Reliv has to offer.

Q: What do you do that helps you grow your Reliv business?
A: I listen and talk with people wherever I go and I use the Reliv system.

Q: How has your Reliv business impacted your life?
A: It helps me pay bills, increase my savings, and be more giving with church and ministry. It has given me a vision for myself and others for the future!

Q: What do you tell others about Reliv?
A: I ask questions and have a conversation then share what it’s done for my life and my family’s lives.

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: Work in partnership with your upline. Stories, stories, stories. Great customer service shows people I care. Paint the picture. Follow the Reliv system.

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?
A: Talk to more people and advance to the next Director level.

Q: Why did you choose Reliv?
A: It was my answer to prayer!

 Kim Lucas
Congratulations to Kim, who placed 3rd place in the Top 3 Bonus for January 2021!

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: Baldwinsville, New York, which is just outside of Syracuse

Q: In addition to Reliv, what are your other gigs?
A: My husband and I like to work out and salsa dance along with other ballroom dances. I’ve just been introduced to cross-country skiing after years of downhill skiing by one of the new extraordinary Master Affiliates. I love reading books and singing and soon will add motorcycle riding in the spring with my husband. We also have the privilege of coordinating a Bible fellowship with a group. We like to travel when available and enjoy spending time with our family and friends.

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: My Reliv regimen is at least 2 shakes per day. I drink Reliv Now®, Innergize!®, FibRestore®, and Reliv Defense. I also occasionally add extra LunaRich X™, Arthaffect® and RLV Hemp Balm.

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?
A: Reliv has had a wonderful impact on my life, as I have claimed back my health. I used to suffer from a knee injury and sports and work-related muscle discomfort in my back, neck, shoulder, and wrist. As for the business, I have the freedom to live my life healthy while helping others. Best of all, I am rewarded for a job well done. My financial future is bright and in sight and I love helping others meet their health and financial goals.

Q: What do you do that helps you grow your Reliv business?
A: To help grow my business, I stay connected to my wise upline. I have utilized the brilliant success system and tapped into the tools made available from corporate (such as my web bundle where I can get awesome videos, product info, etc. out to customers quickly with such professionally put-together info). I reach out on Facebook, at the dance studio, stores, the gym, restaurants, and basically where ever I go. It is a human valley of need!

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: Stick tight with your upline and be coachable. Utilize the success system. Learn about all the tools available such as the videos, product flyers, and information we have access to, and share them with others. Enjoy this remarkable journey. Enjoy the friendships and the spectacular culture of this business. It is a greenhouse for growth.

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?
A: To become Senior Director with 10 stars (I have been blessed with 8 at this time) and to help my downline achieve their goals.

Q: Why did you choose Reliv? 
A: I choose Reliv because it is a sterling, amazing, integrity-filled opportunity that has changed my life, my family’s lives, and so many others for the better with our health and with our financial futures. It is my honor to work and represent Reliv. My husband, Bill, is behind the scenes supporting me all the way!

Reliv Key Director Mary & Kermit Bright
Congratulations to Mary & Kermit, who placed 1st in the Top 3 Bonus for January 2021!

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: We live on 45 acres in Holt, Missouri with our two Black Labrador Retrievers. We have a 180-acre hunting farm with a cabin.

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: We take Reliv Now®, FibRestore®, Innergize!®, Arthaffect®, and ReversAge® at breakfast. We also have a shake at dinner. Kermit has CardioSentials® and GlucAffect® with LunaRich® in all his shakes.

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?
A: I was in a car accident in 1999 and experienced some injuries. I had to quit my job and filed for disability. But in 2003, I heard a commercial about Reliv on the radio, tried it, and got some relief. My husband has also had great health improvement because of LunaRich® and Reliv products.

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: Use your up line, go to meetings and conferences, and share your stories with others.

Reliv Director Ruthann Bowen

Q: What’s your hometown?
A: Butler, Pennsylvania

Q: In addition to Reliv, what are your other gigs?
A: I’m a web designer and author. I just published my first book, The Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating Your Own Website in a Weekend.

Q: What is your Reliv regimen?
A: I faithfully take Reliv Now® with Whey and FibRestore® every day.

Q: What results have you seen?
A: I’ve noticed a huge decrease in hot flashes!

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?
A: Not only has Reliv helped keep me healthy, but also it has also helped my mom and her friends stay healthy. They love being on the products and tell all their friends!

Q: What do you do that helps you grow your Reliv business?
A: One thing that really helped was having a group meeting/discussion that my mom, Dawn Tucci, and I hosted. We invited her neighbors and friends and they got all excited about Reliv and have been telling their friends about it ever since. That one meeting really created a spark!

Q: How has your Reliv business impacted your life?
A: It’s nice to have extra money pop into your bank account every month. Every little bit helps!

Q: What do you tell others about Reliv?
A: I share my story and tell them about the positive health benefits they can enjoy just by simply drinking a shake.

Q: What is your advice for a new Distributor?
A: Don’t ever think what you’re doing is “too small.” You never know who’s going to hop on board and become a real Reliv champion.

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?
A: I’d love to add 10 more people to my list!

Q: Why did you choose Reliv? 
A: I chose Reliv because I could see the health benefits right away. It’s so easy to stay healthy with Reliv.

Want to see your name on this list next month? Learn how to earn a Reliv bonus of your very own!

Top 10 Takeaways From Reliv Live


By Social Media Coordinator Michaela Bukaty

We are officially back from sunshiny Anaheim, California. Reliv Live was a great success and we learned so much! Here are our top 10 takeaways for you:

  1. Reliv is a wellness company that loves to make people healthy and happy.
  2. Reliv celebrates your health transformations and business accomplishments!
  3. Reliv puts the quality of its products above all else. We demand quality and oversee
    on-site manufacturing and research and development.
  4. Reliv makes your business easier with additional cutting-edge core nutrition products like Reliv Now® with Whey and new business success training tools like the Reliv Mobile App.
  5. ICSAR is a simple and crucial tool to use when getting started with your Reliv business and will help you to continuously grow your business.
  6. The Reliv Kalogris Foundation ships 155,000 cans of Reliv Now® for Kids to children all over the world thanks to your donations. There are several easy ways to donate!
  7. A successful Reliv event relies on planning, preparation, fun and authenticity.
  8. The Reliv Mobile App makes it easier now than ever to take your business on the go and keep track of your success.
  9. Social media is doable and will help your business grow! Brand yourself online to engage with fellow Distributors, new customers or prospects.
  10. By surrounding yourself with positive, successful and driven individuals at Reliv Live, you will be inspired and motivated to take your business to the next level.

If you didn’t attend Reliv Live in Anaheim, then you really missed out! Not only was it an incredible business building opportunity, but it was an absolute blast! Make sure you register for the next Reliv Live event in Orlando as soon as possible. Early-bird pricing is available until July 1, but October will be here before you know it.

Register now to celebrate 30 years of Reliv!

Reliv Personal Websites: A Q&A with Chris Scherting




Chris Scherting, Reliv’s Director of Marketing, answers questions regarding the new personal websites that were launched on May 6, 2015.

What makes these websites so useful?

Reliv’s personal websites (PWS) are mobile-ready. They offer built-in responsive design which means they respond to any device, whether you are looking at it on a small or large phone, horizontal or vertical, tablet, etc. The fact that they are mobile ready allows the site to have two primary purposes. One is that it is a tool you take with you every single day. You can play a video, make a presentation, sign someone up, they can order product or you can take their contact information in the lead form. It’s just one tap away when you create a bookmark on the home page of your device. The other aspect is it is a normal website on the internet where you can send people to visit it at their leisure. They can take action right away and order product or sign up on their own.

What makes these personal websites different from

We call them your “personal websites,” so we’ve given Distributors more ways to personalize their websites. They can upload multiple photos or stories, they can change the four home page icons to select pages they want to highlight, and they can choose their own featured products. It is a personal website that you can personalize yourself and how you like to present the Reliv story.

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Update Message from Reliv’s Ryan Montgomery


Live from the recent Reliv Rewards trip to Riviera Maya, President Ryan Montgomery discusses Reliv’s successful first quarter of 2015 – more Distributors, more Master Affiliates, more rank advancements and more product shipping out – and looks forward to all the excitement on its way in the months ahead.

Remember those Reliv goals you set for yourself for this year? Use this video message as motivation to achieve them. Now is the time for the Power of YOU!

MAT Schools Are Back in June!



Reliv is hosting Master Affiliate Training Schools (MATS) across the country in June — giving you a proven, powerful way to build a big business in 2015. Events will feature a Friday night Reliv opportunity meeting open to all and a Saturday morning training for Master Affiliates who qualify to attend.

How to Qualify:

While March MATS were open to all Master Affiliates, you’ll have to earn your way into the June events. Here’s how:

  • Become a Master Affiliate for the first time in March, April or May.

Already an MA? Then you can…

  • Add a new frontline MA in March, April or May, or…
  • Achieve a monthly volume of at least 3,000 PGPV in March, April or May, or…
  • Sponsor 3 new Distributors between March 1 – May 31.

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Next Level Vision with Reliv’s President Ryan Montgomery


We sat down with Reliv President Ryan Montgomery to find out what Reliv has in store for 2014 and beyond.


Lunasin Delivers Large Opportunities



Did you hear the news?

Reliv now holds the exclusive rights to lunasin! The announcement came on opening night of the Reliv 25 Conference in Orlando, just hours after the deal was finalized.


The basics: Reliv International has entered into an exclusive license for the intellectual property of Soy Labs, LLC related to the nutritional ingredient lunasin. The license covers two issued patents and several patent applications related to lunasin and soy-related peptides, proprietary information and manufacturing processes. Further, the arrangement allows certain Soy Labs employees to join the Reliv corporate staff.

So what does this mean?

“This is a major step for Reliv and elevates our company to a unique status in the nutrition industry,” said President Ryan Montgomery. “For the first time we have the rights to an ingredient in its entirety, from the extraction process to the patented mechanisms of action within the body. And lunasin isn’t just any ingredient; it’s the world’s first epigenetic superfood.”

Lunasin is the first nutritional compound identified to affect gene expression and promote optimal health at the epigenetic level. “We’ve always endeavored to remain on the cutting edge of nutrition science in formulating our products at Reliv. And with the acquisition of lunasin, we are now leading the industry in the budding field of nutritional epigenetics,” Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl Hastings said.

“New research shows that through nutrition people can influence which genes are expressed,” he added. “Reliv is committed to building on this emerging science and developing nutritional solutions that help people take control of their health.”

‘Tremendous Opportunity’

Reliv’s ownership of lunasin stems from a joint research and development partnership formed in August 2011 among Reliv, Soy Labs and the Missouri Plant Science Center. That partnership resulted in the creation of LunaRich® soy powder and LunaRich X™, Reliv-exclusive products made from non-GMO soybean varieties with the highest concentration of bioactive lunasin and manufactured using proprietary technologies that maintain the lunasin’s bioactivity.

“Acquiring lunasin not only gives us direct control over the entire LunaRich X production process and technologies, it also opens up opportunities for further research and development with lunasin and other plant-based ingredients,” Dr. Carl said. “We’re beyond excited about what this will mean for Reliv consumers around the globe.”

“Epigenetics has hit the mainstream, and we believe nutritional epigenetics will soon follow,” Ryan added. “Reliv is the only company talking about it because, right now, we’re the only company who can. We believe lunasin positions our company and our Distributors to take full advantage of a tremendous growth opportunity.”

Reliv Hours Extended Through 9pm Tonight

The Reliv Distributor Services Center will remain open until 9pm CST tonight, January 31, in order to accommodate month-end orders and Master Affiliate requalification. Just call 800 RELIV US (735.4887). Orders placed online and via fax by midnight CST will also be accepted as January volume. Continue reading “Reliv Hours Extended Through 9pm Tonight”

Dr. Carl Invites You to ‘LunaFest’

Check out the latest Inside Scoop, featuring Senior Vice President of North American Sales Steve Hastings and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl Hastings. You’ll learn why National Conference in Austin is going to be such an important, impactful and fun event for Reliv business builders.

  •      + The excitement surrounding LunaRich® and LunaRich X™
  •      + Special scientific presentations from Dr. Carl and Dr. Alfredo Galvez
  •      + Workshops from Distributor leaders – find out who’s presenting!
  •      + All the stories, networking and friendships that make Reliv conference like nothing else


  •       + Register for conference by January 31 and you’ll save $20. Sign up now!
  •       + Sponsor three people from Jan 1 – Feb 13 and earn a LRX hat and on-stage recognition. Make it happen!