Reliv Power of YOU Prize Earners



The secret to success with Reliv is no secret at all: Find people who don’t know about Reliv… and tell them about Reliv! The following Reliv business owners have learned that secret. Together they sponsored hundreds of new Distributors in June-July 2015. See anyone you know? Please join us in congratulating our Power of YOU sponsoring promotion winners by leaving a comment on this post on the Reliv blog.

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June 2015 Recognition


New Leaders from EVERYWHERE!

Rookie Bonus earners are popping up all over North America. When you look at the Rookie Bonus list from June, you’ll see NINE different states represented plus ONE winner in Canada! All points on the compass — all building a Reliv business.

Congratulations to all of our Rookie Bonus Top 10 Winners AND their sponsors! See list below. Continue reading “June 2015 Recognition”

May 2015 Recognition

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One thing Reliv Ambassadors understand: When an announcement is coming, it’s time to take action BEFORE the announcement is made. That’s exactly what happened in May 2015. Ambassadors heard the message of an announcement coming June 1st, and they took ACTION right away. The result: five of the Top 10 Bonus earners for May were Reliv Ambassadors!
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