Soy Much Better: GlucAffect

Unhealthy modern lifestyles have produced skyrocketing rates of metabolic syndrome, a dangerous condition defined as having at least three of five risk factors: high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high triglycerides, abnormal cholesterol levels and excess body weight. A person with metabolic syndrome is twice as likely to develop heart disease and five times more … Continue reading Soy Much Better: GlucAffect

Back in Control With GlucAffect

  Relìv Director Sherry Cramer of Charleroi, Pennsylvania, really looks forward to putting a scoop of GlucAffect™ in her coffee. “It tastes a little bit like hot chocolate with cinnamon,” says Sherry, who started taking Relìv products when was diagnosed with type II diabetes two years ago. “Staying consistent with Relìv’s basic nutrition really helped … Continue reading Back in Control With GlucAffect

Down 20 Pounds, by Adding GlucAffect to the Mix

When Mark Selman of Alpharetta, Georgia, learned that his fasting blood sugar level had reached 124, and his doctor started talking about medication, it “shocked” him enough to give GlucAffect® a try. “I told my doctor about GlucAffect®, and that I planned to take the product consistently four times a day, just like in the … Continue reading Down 20 Pounds, by Adding GlucAffect to the Mix

GlucAffect Offers New Hope for Daughter

When Senior Directors Capt. Steven and Dee Ann Lucks of Idaho Falls, Idaho, first heard about Reliv GlucAffect®, they literally cried for joy. “Our daughter was diagnosed with diabetes at age nine, and has suffered from this chronic, debilitating disease for 12 years now,” Dee Ann states. “So we were honestly overwhelmed that Reliv had … Continue reading GlucAffect Offers New Hope for Daughter

No More Missing Out Thanks To GlucAffect

Brenda Fettig, a Reliv Director from East Helena, Montana, didn’t realize just how unhealthy she was until she started feeling better with Reliv. “I think sometimes you just don’t realize what you’re missing out on,” says Brenda, who was diagnosed as a Type II diabetic in October 2007. “Diabetes runs in my family on both … Continue reading No More Missing Out Thanks To GlucAffect

GlucAffect Delivers!

Reliv Six-Star Key Director Greg Johnson, of Olympia, Washington, just wants to live a long, normal, healthy life, and the key will be paying close attention to his adult-onset diabetes, a disease he knows can be dangerous if left unchecked. “Diabetes can creep up on you,” says Greg, a retired school administrator who started taking … Continue reading GlucAffect Delivers!

Mother and Son Get Added Boost With GlucAffect

Presidential Bronze Ambassador Valerie Opie of Mesa, Arizona, is seeing some surprising new results — particularly in her mid-section — since starting on Relìv’s newest product, GlucAffect. “In the six weeks I’ve been on the product, I’ve lost an inch around my waist and three inches of belly fat,” Valerie reports. Perhaps even more exciting … Continue reading Mother and Son Get Added Boost With GlucAffect