Shake Things Up with a Virtual Shake Party

By Reliv Senior Director Jessica Rice

A big part of any successful Reliv business is finding opportunities to tell people about Reliv. One easy way to introduce people to the world of Reliv is by hosting a shake party. With a shake party, you can invite friends, family, neighbors, and anyone you know to Reliv! However, what can you do when you are not able to socialize in person? You can host a virtual shake party!

Get the Party Started

Despite social distancing measures and stay-at-home orders, our team has used social media to reach many people to share the hope of Reliv. We shared Reliv, the products and business opportunity, just like a regular shake party, along with some yummy shake recipes. We went live on Facebook and all of our friends and family were able to view and share our broadcast!

In addition, our amazing team leader, Kimberly Burns, put together a video about her own story, the products, and business opportunity that we could easily share on our own Facebook live parties. Kimberly created really fun themes like a luau, Italian night, and cooking class.

Ready to host a party of your own and tell more people about Reliv? Here are some steps to success.

How to Set Up Your Virtual Shake Party on Facebook Live:

  1. Set up your phone on a tripod or some way that it will be secure when filming
  2. Make a shake and get it ready to show your viewer and a shake recipe ready to share
  3. Have your favorite products on-hand to show and highlight
  4. Log onto Facebook live and click “Start Live Video”  
  5. Share the hope of Reliv from your heart, and remember to smile
  6. Follow up with anyone who viewed or commented

As an added bonus, it’s super easy to share the videos of anyone on your team on your own Facebook page. Click “share” on the live event, and Facebook will show the live stream as a party on your own Facebook for all your followers to see. These events were a huge success! Many people viewed and commented and we were able to follow up with them, leading to new customers, orders, and Distributors.


Keep the Party Going

Another fun virtual event our team did in May was a wonderful Mother’s Day special! We filmed it on Zoom. Three of us were on at the same time and we selected beautiful backgrounds. We shared our favorite products, and offered a discount to all the lovely ladies in our lives for Mother’s Day! The Zoom was a live web conference that we were able to simultaneously link to Facebook to increase our audience.

Party All the Time

All these live events can be shared after the live event is over, and stay on your Facebook page for more people to view. You can pin favorite videos to the top of your feed so they’re easy for followers to find. It’s a wonderful tool that multiplies your efforts and can help you reach many people. Now that things are opening back up, we can get together again and have in-person parties. However, we plan to continue to host virtual parties because they are fast, easy, and effective. Virtual parties are especially effective for reaching loved ones who live far away.

Party in a Box

Reliv has all the supplies you need to host your own Shake Party (virtual or in-person) with the Shake Party Box! If you’re hosting a party virtually, be sure to wear your apron and pin to look professional, and make use of the product training cards so you’ll know just what to say! So grab a shake, your phone, and let’s go LIVE to share the hope of Reliv with the world! 


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