Aloha, Hawaii & Big Bonuses!

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By CEO Ryan Montgomery

A lot of things have to fall in place for success in business. It’s never just one action that sparks a business into momentum and Reliv is no different. Momentum is hard to build, but when you have it, it’s hard to stop. In our business, momentum is the result of the company painting a vision of opportunity and supporting you with the products that change lives and tools to build your business. The Distributor’s role is to grab hold of the support and build your organization.

While there isn’t just one force to accelerate momentum, I will say that there is one element that is crucial to forward action and that is to be field driven. Field driven means Distributor leaders take 100% ownership of the success or failure of their organization. It means leadership by example and doing the things you teach others to do. We are a business of building relationships and trust, and leaders say and do the same thing. “Field driven” is an attitude of not waiting for someone else or the company to create momentum. It’s taking ownership of the situation and making things happen yourself!

As our corporate team was working arm in arm with top field leaders to design the cash bonus and Hawaii promotion, I got incredibly excited because I could see the “field driven” nature of this fantastic promotion. This business has taught me many things, but one universal truth is that people support what they help to build. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how awesome I think a promotion is…it only matters what you, Distributors, think about. One thing that continues to echo from you is how “doable” this contest is for everyone, new or experienced. Distributors just like you came up with the details and built this genius promotion that combines large monthly cash bonuses for top “new volume” with a trip to Hawaii with numerous pathways to qualify based on a point system for certain activities and advancements.

Reliv has never done anything quite like this with big bonuses and a trip to Hawaii at the same time. We believe each component will fuel the other and are so excited to see you make it to the top. Leaders striving for the monthly Top 3 New Volume will certainly earn points toward Hawaii, and vice versa, leaders working to earn points will get themselves in the running for the cash bonuses. It’s a win-win! And let’s not forget, Reliv still has Promo 1-2-3 in place alongside the Top 3 for signing up new Quick Starts, Master Affiliates and Preferred Customers on autoship.

Field leaders created this promotion, passionately believe in it, are committed to qualify for it, are getting commitments from other leaders to earn it, are excited and taking ownership of it—this is truly a  “field driven” promotion that without doubt will lead us to momentum and organizational growth like we’ve never seen. One year from now, we’ll be celebrating all the leaders that make it happen over the next nine months…in beautiful Hawaii!



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