4 Tricks to Get the Cheapest Plane Tickets for Conference


By Social Media Specialist Ashley Maurer

Conference is less than two months away, and now is the best time to buy your plane tickets if you’re traveling from afar! In a business where time is money, you don’t have the time to navigate the latest and greatest hacks. Fortunately, I do, and I’m giving you our top four tricks on finding the best flights.

Don’t Wait To Book
Airline tickets don’t drop the closer you get to your departure date. If you know when and where you need to be, find the lowest rate as soon as you can and book them. You’ll find that the biggest savings happen far out from your fly date.

Purchase On A Tuesday
You’ll quickly find that purchasing tickets between Tuesday – Thursday will yield lower fare results than if you were to book a flight during a weekend. Same goes for dates you fly in and out. If you can avoid Fridays and Sundays, you’ll be able to save upwards of $100.

Use Apps
Airfarewatchdog is a free iOS app that lists fares for every single airline. You can receive tips for when to book the lowest priced flight and be notified of any deals or price drops the minute they happen!

Go Incognito
Keep your searches private. The more you Google airfares for a certain location, the higher the prices will show on your end.

Google Chrome or Safari Users: Press “Control”(or “Command” if using a MAC), “Shift” and “N.”

Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer Users: Press “Control” (or “Command” if using a MAC), “Shift” and “P.”

This will open a new browser window where none of your information will be tracked, thus eliminating any fear of inflation for your searches. Looking to earn a free Conference registration to save even more or to give one away? Check out our latest Conference Registration promotion!

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