3 Ways a Reliv Trip Will Change Your Life


By Executive VP of Sales & Marketing Steve Hastings


As I reflect on yet another incredible Reliv trip to Cancun, Mexico, I started thinking… what would it be like to experience this trip through the eyes of a new person? For me, there are three things that instantly come to mind… three things you can really only experience on a Reliv Leadership Celebration trip.

1. You’ll be whisked away to another world. Pristine beaches. A top-class all-inclusive resort. Festive dinners with wonderful entertainment and dancing. Fit3 workouts on the beach and explosive battles of volleyball in the 3 incredible pools. Glorious sunrises and sunsets. Dolphins, whales and beautiful wildlife. Palm trees and plants bursting with color. And all of it experienced with Reliv leaders from all over North America and Mexico. This was what a Reliv trip, and lifestyle, is all about.

2. You’ll make new friends and forge relationships that last a lifetime. I see this time and time again on every Reliv trip. New business leaders are welcomed into the family with open arms – like long-lost friends who share the same vision: to Nourish Our World. My girls made incredible new friends with the beautiful, always happy daughters of Scott and Dawn Weaver. I spent time sharing strategies and dreams of building an even bigger Reliv with both the newest leaders, like Robert and Lauren Laird, Cayla Collins, David Mahle and so many others while laughing, reuniting and sharing some of the same dreams with long-time friends like Pam and Dean Thielen, Richard Vance, Sherri Selman and, again, so many others. I watched Tom and Karen Pinnock spend the entire time visiting, listening and supporting every single person that joined us during this incredible celebration.

3. You’ll catch the vision and be a part of taking Reliv to new heights. Reliv leaders are on every trip for two reasons: to personally congratulate you on your incredible achievements and to have you share in the Reliv vision. My partner and your President, Ryan Montgomery, along with his fun-loving wife and partner, Tracy, flew in for a day after a very hectic travel week just to be with those that share in his vision – our vision – to take Reliv to so many more people who deserve what happened in Cancun.

There are so many ways we work together to Nourish Our World. Together, we are Reliv.

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