Working From Home, But Never Alone





Having a home-based business doesn’t mean you to have be on your own figuring out everything by yourself. At Reliv, we support our Distributors with the tools and training they need to succeed. They also have the opportunity to not only grow their business, but to also grow personally. We have watched Distributors over the years go from network marketing beginners to confident business builders who serve as mentors and leaders for people getting started. Part of this personal growth comes from working together and learning how to use tools and training to help build your Reliv business. Take a look at some of the current materials available for your Reliv toolbox.


ICSAR (Identify, Connect, Share, Ask and Register) is our simple five-step plan to building your business with Reliv. Just start with Step 1: Identify and you’ll be on the path to success with your home-based business! Take a tour of our ICSAR workshop videos and the ICSAR Getting Started Guide to learn more.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Your Reliv business is everywhere you want to go. The Reliv website and personal websites are fully mobile and viewable on smartphones and tablets allowing you to run your Reliv business virtually anywhere. Online ordering, prospecting videos and the Reliv presentation — it’s all there at your fingertips whether you are at your desktop or on the road. Go mobile with Reliv and don’t let another opportune moment pass you by.

Decision Tool

Making it easy to present all the business options to your prospects. Already shared the Reliv story? Now it’s time to ask for a decision using the “Decision Tool.” Designed to be interactive, this six-page brochure makes it easy for you to walk someone through the different avenues of income after you’ve introduced someone to Reliv. It also asks the question “What’s your time worth?” to help kick-start the decision-making conversation.

The Reliv “Prodcast”

Have you heard the latest “prodcast” from Reliv? The call and “prodcast” focuses on the science of Reliv products and other timely nutrition and health topics. You’ll hear from industry experts, including Reliv Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl Hastings. Each month the prodcast also features inspiring stories of people whose lives have been changed through Reliv nutrition.

To listen online and download to your device, check out the Reliv prodcast on iTunes. You can also dial into the call the second Wednesday of each month.

Reliv Lifestyle

Connect with the Reliv Lifestyle. One of the best tools to connect with new people is the Reliv Lifestyle magazine. Lifestyle is available for purchase in packs of 10 and is one of the best tools available to spark interest and start a conversation. Download your favorite issues or order more to share with people.

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