You’re The One That We Want!



If you weren’t at the Reliv International Conference this year, you missed a number of firsts! First of all, Reliv Kalogris Foundation Chairman Scott Montgomery was dressed as Danny from Grease and his wife, Kari, was dressed as Sandy!


This 50’s theme was carried over to the barbecue Saturday night at Reliv HQ. The most unforgettable element was the message You’re the One that We Want with photos of kids from our various nutritional programs pointing at YOU… reminding all of us that WE, together, are the ones who make a difference in these kids’ lives by donating to the Reliv Kalogris Foundation. Thousands of kids every day receive Reliv Now® for Kids at the start of their school day—kids in Haiti, the Philippines, Malaysia, Peru—all because Reliv Distributors donate funds for us to purchase the product ingredients! It only takes $5 to make a difference in the life of a child!

Build Your Business… Build the Foundation


As part of the Kalogris segment, Reliv Distributors Jim Schaben from Nebraska and Karin Ederer from Minnesota, presented a “first ever workshop.” Both Jim and Karin joined us in Haiti this past year and came away with a better understanding of the impact the RKF has in the lives of so many kids. But just as important, they saw how many more children could benefit from our program if more funding was available.

Since joining Reliv, these two distributorships, as well as their ever-growing downline, have donated more than $630,000 to the Kalogris Foundation. By building their business downlines, they are also building the RKF donor base—a win, win for their businesses and our kids!

Why Are These Kids Smiling?


These kids are excited to show you our improved and now mobile-ready website! It is so easy to navigate and provides our Distributors so many reasons and ways to support the Foundation! You will find a large selection of videos that includes an Overview of the RKF, Building Projects, Stories of Hope, and RKF Rallies (including our conference opening video of our own version of Grease). Help us spread our mission.

See the Change


Distributors pay their own way and RKF orchestrates a visit to five nutrition distribution locations, a visit to Dr. Manno’s clinic, and a couple of visits to the RKF Children’s Home. In October, another group of 14 will see first-hand the difference the Foundation is able to make in the lives of children suffering from malnutrition. School teachers and administrators are able to explain what a morning shake does to improve their students’ attention span and ability to learn, and Dr. Manno highlights the difference the product makes for children seen in local clinics.

Are you interested in joining us February 18-23, 2017? Contact Joan Colaneri ( to see if there are still openings for this next opportunity!

We invite you to check out the Reliv Kalogris Foundation on our website and like us on Facebook! After all—You’re the one that we want!

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