A Partnership That’s Changing Lives



By Kathy Brawley, Haiti Area Coordinator for the Reliv Kalogris Foundation

Any time there’s a natural disaster in the U.S. or abroad, whether earthquake, hurricane or any other similar calamity, there’s a good chance that within hours you will find the people from Convoy of Hope already on the ground and doing what they do best: caring for people in practical, essential ways. Food, water and shelter are all part and parcel of what Convoy and its donors provide for people in dire situations.

But that’s not all. In many of the places, Convoy has provided emergency assistance and ongoing support for people at risk. They support schools and other philanthropic organizations with special emphasis on feeding children. Is it any wonder why the Reliv Kalogris Foundation has a partnership with this great organization?

RKF programs in Haiti and the Philippines rely on our cooperative association with Convoy for our ongoing programs. Convoy delivers Reliv product to the field via their home offices in Springfield, MO, and then in return, the Kalogris Foundation supports some of the nutrition programs of Convoy in both countries.

In Haiti, RKF has expanded from a few hundred people a year in 2006 to about 12,000 kids a day all because we no longer have to pay duty to get Reliv Now® for Kids into the country. In the Philippines, the savings from our Convoy partnership amounts to about $43,000 a year, which allows for an additional 8,600 cans of product to be available for distribution!

Philippine Coordinators George and Blessie Padilla have a wonderful relationship with their Convoy counterparts as evidenced by this glimpse from Blessie:

“In order to start the New Year right, we set up an appointment with TJ Lliedo who is in charge of Inventory & Warehousing at Convoy of Hope Philippines. I knew it would be difficult to invite him for a luncheon meeting outside, so I brought food I personally cooked for the warehouse people. We had a wonderful time sharing stories of our work together. We both look forward to our continued meaningful partnership between Convoy and the Kalogris Foundation in 2016.”

Thanks, Convoy! Our partnership is changing lives every day.


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