Rub Elbows with Reliv’s Biggest Achievers in Atlantis


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By Reliv Senior VP Of US Sales Don Gibbons

Something extraordinary is happening now through July 2016. For the next two months, you have an opportunity to earn what we all dream of: a relaxing getaway to the luxurious Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas!

Normally reserved for new and advancing Ambassadors, Presidential Directors and 10-time Dr. Ted Plaque winners, we have expanded qualifications for our Atlantis leadership trip. And we want YOU to join us on this once-in-a-lifetime trip from October 13-16, 2016!

Living the Reliv Lifestyle Maria Lyons Atlantis Trip

“When I travel in style and luxury, I think of others who want to have this too. And the more I share Reliv with them, the more we can travel in style. The Atlantis trip in 2009 was an awesome one that David and I experienced … the fun activities and sights and oh the place itself. It was like you were transformed into the Atlantis world! It was our first trip to be surrounded with that many Ambassadors who qualified and we were able to soak up what they were all saying with excitement.” – Bronze Ambassador and 2009 Atlantis leadership trip earner, Maria Lyons

This is a chance for everyone to experience the magic that happens on a leadership trip, and new Distributors have a great advantage! You have a fresh list of people who don’t know about Reliv and more centers of influence hearing about Reliv for the first time.

So how can YOU get there? Remember to use ICSAR (Identify, Connect, Share, Ask and Register) to build your business! The best part about this five-step plan is that you can start right now and improve your chances of someone not just saying “yes,” but saying “yes, I’ll go MA!” In the not-so-distant future, we will have even more tools and training around ICSAR, so keep an eye out for announcements.

What are you waiting for? This opportunity may never happen again, so go earn a trip to Atlantis for you and your plus one!

How to earn the trip:

  • Finish in the Top 5 in PGPV for each month among Master Affiliates in the US and Canada (June-July each separately)
  • AND have at least one newly qualifying MA


*Trip is non-transferable and has no cash value.

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