How One Reliv Conference Can Change Everything


By Reliv Senior VP Of US Sales Don Gibbons

Why do I get so excited about a Reliv Conference? Because I never forget where I came from. My first career was working in government. I worked as an Executive Correspondent for the governor of Illinois. As soon as the administration changed, I was back looking for work. I saw an ad with job applications as an electrician. With only 20 openings, somehow I was selected from over 400 applicants. At the time, it was a four-year apprenticeship, leading to a career as a journeyman wireman. I thought I’d won the lottery!

The people were great. The training was in-depth. And the work was fantastic… until it ran out! When the economy goes south, you find yourself unemployed, frustrated and broke. You want to work, but when there is no work it’s out of your control. This happened to me in the early 1980’s when Tiz (my wife) and I had two young children. I couldn’t help wonder, “Isn’t there a better way?”

And then we were introduced to the network marketing industry. When I learned that I could work hard, earn money and no one could lay me off, eliminate my position or keep me from moving forward, it was life-changing.

When you come to Conference, the possibilities of your Reliv business will become realities too. Your time here will help you realize that the business of Reliv is something you REALLY CAN DO YOURSELF! You can take charge of your health and your financial future by making a positive impact in the lives of others.

8 Ways Conference Will Give You a Boost

1. You will see Reliv in person and enter a room full of energy and excitement. You can’t get that energy anywhere else! You get chills when the whole room cheers and your heart races when you think about the chance for the same kind of success the Ambassadors have had. You will hear some stories, try the products and meet some people locally, so you start to form a picture. Coming to Conference makes the picture complete, and then easier for you to share with others.

2. You meet people from all over the world who are just like you. Chat with like-minded
Distributors who share Reliv products from their homes, build a business and make a difference
for others.

3. You learn from Ambassadors. We will have training taught by people who have “walked the walk” of building a successful business in Reliv. People who started out at the same place as you, using the same products and working with the Reliv compensation plan.

4. You will hear the Reliv vision expressed by our founder, Robert Montgomery. Any
questions you have about the future of Reliv will be answered!

5. You will hear from our Reliv scientists. Dr. Carl Hastings continues his work in assuring Reliv products are at the forefront of nutritional technology.

6. You can tour the World Headquarters. The tour is staffed by Reliv employees who can’t wait
to meet you!

7. You can see where the Reliv products are manufactured. The first time you tour our facility, it will increase the confidence you have in our amazing products.

8. Your effectiveness skyrockets. Your Reliv business is all about finding people who don’t know about Reliv and then telling them about it. When you return home after Conference, it’s like magic—everyone you talk with will suddenly hear you like they never have before. Your TIME
becomes more effective because of what you see, what you learn, the people you meet and what you FEEL after seeing Reliv up close.

That’s why I say, “Go to Conference!” Once you register to attend, you can get started on the next step: bringing people with you. Top leaders in Reliv work from event to event and Conference is the biggest event of them all. Make the investment in your business and your future.

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