Are You Missing This One Vital Step To Grow Your Business?



In February 2016, we were excited to roll out our new “Decision Tool” to help Distributors with the vital step of asking people for a decision. We chatted with Presidential Silver Ambassador Quila Buhler and asked her to share her thoughts on how the Decision Tool has helped grow her business. If you haven’t seen the Decision Tool yet, watch a video demo.

[Q] What are your first impressions of the Decision Tool?

[A]  Something that holds people back in business is that they are afraid to ask other people to do something. They’re afraid of getting a “yes” or a “no.” But the purpose of us talking to people is to get them to hear about Reliv! This is a useful tool because it lays the information out there and lets people know all of their options.

[Q] At what step do you use the Decision Tool?

[A] This tool is good to use right after you’ve done a Reliv presentation. (It’s especially helpful for someone new who is trying to rattle things off in the back of their minds!) At the end of an appointment, I ask them what interests them the most after all the things I talked about. This is when people are thinking about and processing the information. The Decision Tool takes everything they are processing in their minds and puts it on paper.

[Q] What are some of the benefits of using this tool?

[A]  It has all the things we want to say, and you don’t need to push anyone to do anything. You’re giving them the information to make the choice. It also makes the transition easier after a presentation.

[Q] How are you using the Decision Tool currently?

[A]  I do a lot of business out of town and I can simply email the Decision Tool. Then, you can go through that decision-making process with them. When people know what their options are, they’re much quicker to make a decision.

[Q] What’s your favorite thing about the Decision Tool?

[A]  Everyone communicates differently, but when you can put something down that’s visual, most people can process it. We know the information, but sometimes it’s difficult to convey. This is not product info… this is the bottom-line decision. And you don’t have to use any other tools after this. My intent is to give people information, and let them know that whatever decision they make, it’s going to be the right one for them. It’s not about what I want them to do. It’s like going to a restaurant and looking at a menu — it’s giving them all the information they need to make a choice that’s right for them.

[Q] What is one thing you want other Distributors to know?

[A]  What I like is we’re a company that talks about the support you get from your team. If you’re brand new, it’s not possible for your sponsor to be at every single appointment. This is a tool that you can feel confident going out on an appointment and giving accurate information. I really like it, and I like how it shows you the volume, the investment and the profit.

Designed to be interactive, the Decision Tool makes it easy for you to walk someone through
the different avenues of income after you’ve presented the Reliv story. Inside, you’ll find an
outline describing the difference between a Preferred Customer and a Retail Distributor, plus
all the different levels to grow a business with Reliv.

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