What Is ICSAR and How Can It Build Your Business?




Reliv Distributors use a proven, five-step system that they continue to rally around to help them grow their Reliv business. They call it ICSAR (Identify, Connect, Share, Ask and Register) and it’s really gaining momentum! We’ll break down these five steps to success and show you how simple it can be to build your Reliv business using ICSAR.

This is where the magic happens and it all starts with making a list of the people you’re going to talk to about Reliv. The key is that you never stop adding to your list. When you write down all of the people you know who haven’t heard about Reliv, suddenly your business grows right before your eyes. And you probably know a lot more people than you realize! Did you know the average Facebook user has 200+ friends? If their 200+ friends made a list that’s 40,000 people who you can talk to about Reliv! Think about what that can do for your business.

This next step is also crucial. The goal here is to create enough interest for someone to sit down and see the whole Reliv story. Asking someone something as simple as “How are you?” can very easily lead to a conversation about Reliv! Most people will naturally tell you that they wish they had more time, more money and better health. What a perfect time to introduce them to Reliv. Wear your Reliv gear with pride, reach out using the Reliv tools, ask and remember to listen.

Learning how you can share Reliv with our products and opportunity and helping others do the same is a simple step to master. It’s also key for growing your Reliv business. When you first introduce someone to Reliv, they’ll want to hear more. Use the Reliv System to share the Reliv story in a way that best suits them and you. Your enthusiasm for what you’ve found is more important than making sure you use “the right words.”

Time to listen! Defining the starting options and asking for a decision helps you get a person started on their own plan of action. Luckily, Reliv has the “Decision Tool” to help you with this vital step. Designed to be interactive, this six-page “Decision Tool” makes it easy for you to walk someone through the different avenues of income after you’ve presented the Reliv story. It also asks the question “What’s your time worth?” to help kick start the decision-making conversation.

Don’t wait! Help your new people start on the products and get their business rolling. You’ll need to continue to educate with stories. Set your Distributors up to succeed by reviewing the basics of running a Reliv business (ordering, registering people, navigating reliv.com, etc.) and help them take immediate action!

In the not-so-distant future, we’ll be providing you with more tools and training to help you continue to use ICSAR to advance your business. You’ll also see these in Master Affiliate Training Schools as they are vital steps to growing your business!

3 thoughts on “What Is ICSAR and How Can It Build Your Business?

  1. Thank you for posting this blog. I use the same proven system when I do my facebook marketing.. I love it that everything can be done online. No commuting, work from home, and work your own hours. Even the registration can be done online.. and we have free shipping nationwide in the Philippines. I love the Reliv system !!!!

  2. I want to start with this networking business but ddnt know much how to set up the website..

    1. Hi Aryln. Thank you for your interest in Reliv! If you call our Distributor Services Center at 800.735.4887, we can help you get started and answer your questions.

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