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Hosted all over the country, Master Affiliate Training Schools (MATS) are important training events to learn the business skills you need to succeed with Reliv. But don’t just take our word for it! We asked three Distributors to share their MATS success stories.

How has MATS helped you grow YOUR business?

From Presidential Director Diane Helmold
Chicago, Illinois

“I’ve been a Reliv Distributor for 22 years and have always made sure I qualified for MATS. They are one of the best tools Reliv offers to help you move your business forward. You meet ordinary people who have the same wants and needs. They want to come home and they need extra income. You will meet quality Distributors in various stages of their Reliv journey, from new Master Affiliates to Presidential Directors. They are healthy, happy people who are having fun and earning an income by helping others. When I lead a MATS presentation I share my ups and downs. I let people know the importance of perseverance and determination, but most significantly, I assure them that success can be achieved no matter their background. I was a kindergarten teacher, but consistently applied what I learned from my upline and from MATS and watched my income grow steadily over the years.”

Congratulations to Diane for achieving Presidential Director!

“It’s an honor to achieve this level. I’ve always been inspired by Presidential Directors. I feel like I’ve reached the pinnacle. Reliv is not about one day, one month or one year. It’s about making a difference for life. I love this company. It’s been a great journey. There have been countless ups and downs, but the rewards have made it all worthwhile. I’ve never been more excited about my business and can’t wait to see what the future has in store.”

From Key Director Mindy Meyer
Dayton, Ohio

“The MAT schools have been so exciting over the years because we get a personal, inside look from the team on how they build their business. I love how Reliv doesn’t bring in outside people… they bring in the Ambassadors who know how to build and what it takes. Experienced leaders build the belief that the dream is real. MATS have impacted me greatly with incredible real-life stories, like our most recent MATS with Diane Helmold. She was very transparent about her struggles as well as the vision that kept her on the road to Presidential Director. We need the practical part of building our business, but more importantly the motivation of “why” so we can leave the event and go out and make a difference in people’s lives. Every MAT School I have attended has been a worthwhile encouragement on my road to success.”

From Bronze Ambassador Julie Moeller
Brentwood, California

“From the very beginning of my Reliv Business, MATS played a critical part in the support system that truly inspired and fueled my success. The first MATS was awesome — it was all about developing a mind-set and the basics of building a strong business. It was there that I made the decision to work smart with my upline mentors and I set a goal to reach Key Director by the next MATS, which was three months later. Because of that commitment to myself and my upline, writing it down on paper and working consistently from there, I not only reached Key Director, I realized a total profit of $6,000. This included two bonuses by the next MATS! The following year at a MATS training was another defining moment for me. I was inspired to reach out to my upline Ambassador and requested to work together to double my income. I was stretched to work hard and my business quadrupled. I reached the Ambassador level in nine months and was able to close my other business doors. I love our MATS — they have truly kept me “on track” over the years. They have greatly inspired me and helped me stay focused on long-term and short-term goals and “re-evaluate” my business every three months. What a great thing to offer a way to build optimal health and financial well-being in such a special business.”

Check out the latest cities we are visiting and we’ll see you at MATS! Even if you don’t live near one of the cities, there’s a good chance you know someone who does, so invite them to a business opportunity meeting on Friday night!


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