Livin’ the Debt-Free Dream



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We all dream of the day we can pay off our debts. And that’s just what Presidential Gold Ambassadors, Trish and Doug Fischer, did in December 2015 when they paid off their million dollar home in Colorado Springs, CO. Today, they are completely debt free, thanks to the success of their home-based Reliv business.

Doug and Trish

From Stress to Success

Nineteen years ago, Trish and Doug’s story started out like many other families. They were overworked, over-stressed and saw very little of each other, due to the frequent travel requirements of Doug’s corporate sales job. Eventually, this took a toll on Doug’s health. This also left Trish feeling like a single mom to their seven children (they have since had an eighth). It was then that Trish was introduced to the Reliv products and to the business opportunity that would eventually bring Doug home.

“The woman who talked to me about Reliv was in a similar situation as we were. Her husband traveled a lot also and their goal was to bring him home from a six-figure income career. She started to introduce me to people with health and business stories. Because I decided to come into Reliv as a Master Affiliate, my sponsors followed up with me as a new customer and as a new Distributor — helping me learn to introduce Reliv to others. They also modeled for me the importance of utilizing their experience, as well as the meetings and calls that are so vital in exposing new people to the Reliv products and business potential,” says Trish.

Living Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

As a retired nurse, Trish understood the health benefits of nutrition and wanted her entire family on the Reliv products. She also knew many people who, potentially, would be interested in Reliv. Wanting to help people take charge of their health and finances, Trish set her sights on building the business that would one day bring Doug home to be with the family.

“Doug was skeptical the first two months, but while spending three days together at a Reliv conference, we both sat on the edge of our seats. Conference got both of us onto the same page and we started seeing the bigger picture of Reliv as a real business opportunity. I knew, given the time, I could build this big. My husband was willing to help free up my time. With a savings to back us up, he quit his job and did some side work from home for the next four years. But, he was home! Getting to that first conference was huge for us,” says Trish.

Four years after starting her Reliv business, Trish had doubled her husband’s corporate income, allowing him to fully retire at age 45. His willingness to help with the house and the children really gave Trish the time to treat this like the serious business that it is and not like a hobby.

In her fourth year as a full-time Reliv Distributor, Trish earned the prestigious status of Ambassador and then Presidential Director a few months later. She has continued to grow her business and has also reached the level of Gold Ambassador and received an invitation into the Reliv Hall of Fame.

No College Debt. No Wedding Debt. No Mortgage.

From their cars to their kids’ braces, the Fischers are now living 100% debt free. “Reliv has given us the freedom to travel and to spend time with those we love the most — our kids, grandkids and aging parents! We haven’t missed anything important! We like calling the shots in our own lives,” says Trish.

Passing the Torch

Today, their children have been able to graduate from college debt free, and use their college money to buy their first homes. “With both parents home, we have built an environment that helped our kids make good decisions,” says Trish. “They are responsible kids and helped work themselves through college. Reliv has been so important to our family relationships and we are close today because we have spent so much time together for the past 19 years! I think that’s what I love the most about Reliv. Not only having achieved goals important to our family, but by investing in others, helping them to reach their goals and make their own dreams come true.”


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