An Inside Look At The Reliv Business Opportunity


Jim and Eileen Tesch

By Senior Director Eileen Tesch

I recently read on the Internet that a gentleman who loves the Reliv products only wishes that they were sold in stores. I thought, “Really?  How sad! He has no idea what he is missing.” It’s hard to believe anyone’s life being changed just from buying products off a shelf. But with Reliv, you get more than cutting-edge nutritional products. You also get a unique business opportunity that can bring more joy, more love, more success and more happiness in your life. That is not something you can buy off a shelf! Reliv’s mission is to Nourish Our World in body, mind and spirit. I always thought it had to do with the life-changing results that people were getting from using the Reliv products and the Reliv Kalogris Foundation that feeds thousands of children a day. That is just the tip of the iceberg. The Reliv Success System propels this mission to a whole new level.

What is the Reliv Success System?

1. It is a step by step, simple business plan developed by successful Distributors to help anyone build their business. Together with professionally-created marketing materials, online tools and live call center support, you have everything you need to succeed.
2. It also teaches people how to earn an income and build a huge Reliv business if they have the desire.
3. Most importantly, the Reliv Success System is a training program to inspire people to become more, to do more and to have more.  It is not just about financial independence or material wealth. It is a proven system to enable everyone to reach their potential.

3-Way Calls: The Power of Connection

1.  The Reliv Success System uses a powerful tool known as 3-Way Calls. These calls connect new people to other testimonials that are concise, informative and exciting. They not only educate the new person about what is possible, but it gives them hope and, like magic, they start to dream again.
2.  It also helps to create a positive and inspiring culture, which improves health, peace of mind and an increase in energy.
3.  Reliv Distributors believe in delivering the message to “Nourish Our World.” They also believe that they are put on this earth to serve others. They can accomplish both of these objectives by being willing to share their own testimonial anytime, anywhere and with anyone.

Support and Continuous Learning

1. The Reliv Success System provides an opportunity for people to learn from one another and mentor one another regardless of financial gain or Distributor level.  No one becomes successful in this business without utilizing the help of others.
2.  A distribution network of positive, motivated and passionate people is not only powerful and infectious, but it will set the world on fire!

In 2006, I was stressed out and burned out with my work running a very busy law firm. I learned about Reliv and saw a way where I could help more people than I could ever help practicing law. I knew I could make a difference in the world and live the lifestyle that I always dreamed about. What I found is that Reliv gave me that and so much more. The Reliv culture helped me to become a better person and a better listener.

Today, the customer wants a great experience, not just a knowledgeable Distributor.  The attention you pay to the emotional experience of working with people is the key to making a difference in their lives and in your own. Reliv is a win-win for everyone involved!

Pictured: Eileen and Jim Tesch earned a dream trip to Cancun, Mexico paid for by Reliv! 

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  1. Hello! have been fascinated by what i read about Reliv as an MLM company, am willing if i may be part of you. My email… Thank You!

    1. Thank you for your interest in Reliv! Someone from our Distributor Services Center will be contacting you.

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