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Name: Cecily Croston
Hometown: Idaho
Gigs: Retired Escrow Officer
Reliv RegimenReliv Now®, LunaRich XTM, Arthaffect®, FibRestore®

Reoccurring problems: Before Reliv, I struggled with respiratory issues, including
bronchitis and colds, maintaining stable blood sugar levels, and daily joint and back discomfort.

Return to health: I found Reliv in 2014 and went through that fall and winter without
bronchitis or the flu for the first time in four years. Recent blood work shows my cholesterol is down and my blood sugar levels are within healthy ranges.

I can do more: I’m especially grateful that my back issues have improved, and that by putting all these nutrients into my body, I want to do more. I started eating healthier and exercising when I could — and have lost 25 pounds!

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  1. Cecily, Hi. My name is Gwen. I live in Eagle, Idaho. I am looking for a way to post a blog or shoutout for help on how to best use the Reliv products for my 16 year old son who just started with Alopecia Areata a few months ago. It is an auto immune disorder which is manifested in the form of his hair falling out. He now has large holes with no hair all over his head. He suffered from this when he was four years old. We went to a natural doctor that was able to get the hair to grow back. Now all these years later it has returned. I have had him on the Reliv Now, Luna Rich pills, and the Fibrestore. I used to suffer from psoriasis which is autoimmune as well. I took Reliv 12 years ago and have been clear ever since. Any recommendations on whom I could talk to and call to see what all we should be doing to get his system back up to par? Thank you for any help you are willing to give.

    1. Thank you for your interest in Reliv! One of our product experts will be reaching out to you in regards to your question. Thank you!

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