Reliv Recognition: January 2016




We’re so proud to kick off 2016 with some very exciting business builder recognition news! We have Top 10 Bonus Winners who all earned a Dr. Ted Plaque for a January volume over 16,000. Our First Place winner, Rosemary Bell, earned the very last Dr. Ted Humanitarian Award before we pass the torch to our Sandy Montgomery Award for a volume of over 30,000 for one month. Wow, Rosemary! We raise our shaker cups to you.

We also have the pleasure of recognizing new Presidential Directors from January: Diane and Kevin Helmold! These are exciting times in Reliv, and this is a chance to meet some of the people who started 2016 with great action in their business.



Diane & Kevin Helmold from Illinois



Rowena Alcaraz-Gomez from Illinois $500

Marlyn Bermudez from Illinois $500



Rosemary Bell from Missouri



* All below are Dr. Ted Plaque winners

  1. Rosemary Bell from Missouri $5000
  2. Eileen & Jim Tesch from Michigan $4000
  3. Noah & Sadie Yoder from Michigan $3000
  4. Crismon & Vivienne Lewis from Oregon $2500
  5. Rowena Alcaraz-Gomez from Illinois $2250
  6. Stephanie & Paul Collins from New Hampshire $2000
  7. Elizabeth & Kenneth Andrews from New York $1750
  8. Barbara Roberts from Michigan $1500
  9. Vianey Pineda from Georgia $1250
  10. David & Betty Blazic from Kansas $1000


More Dr. Ted Plaque winners: Jim and Kathy Herrin from North Carolina


January 2016 was our FINAL MONTH for the Rookie Bonus winners. Congratulations to all of our Top 10 winners! The good news? The Master Plan Bonus is in place to help EVERYONE earn a bonus! For the next 3 months it’s not just the Top 10, but everyone who is helping people reach the Master Affiliate level can earn a bonus check. And there’s no limit to how many checks you can earn!

  1. Rowena Alcaraz-Gomez from Illinois $1000
  2. Ruth & Lester Adams from Pennsylvania $800
  3. Kerri Olson from Ohio $700
  4. John Nelson from Iowa $600
  5. Phillip & Arney Carey from North Carolina $500
  6. Valerie Marie from Michigan $450
  7. Yazminda Gray from California $400
  8. Jonathan & Mary Byler from Pennsylvania $350
  9. Maria Pilar Bustos from Georgia $300
  10. Carl Geipel from Illinois $250


ROOKIE BONUS SPONSOR WINNERS: (each receives $100)

Cassandra Anderson from Illinois

John Carey from Bahamas

Larry & Micki Chmelar from Iowa

Joe & Carol Felger from Illinois

Marvin & Mary Gehman from Pennsylvania

Ura & Betty Gingerich from Missouri

Lera Hobbes from Oklahoma

Melinda Meyer from Ohio

Catalina Olalde & Carlos Tapia from Georgia

Micah Ventura from Illinois





  1. Florence & Elo Sauder from Wallenstein, ON $1000
  2. Klaas & Henny Zeldenrust from Smithville, ON $750
  3. Karla & Michael Ans from Devlin, ON $500
  4. Nettie Wiebe from Winkler, MB $250
  5. Laura Lynn & Gary Martin from Millbank, ON $125










One thought on “Reliv Recognition: January 2016

  1. Earl and I know that Bob Montgomery begins executive discussions with “How will it affect the distributors?” This new Rookie-Sponsor $100 bonus for all who sponsor a new Master Affiliate is one more way to reward distributors for acheivement. What a company!

    Honoring Sandy Montgomery with an award named for her is stellar. She was an inspiration that we all need to rememnber for being the “heart” of Reliv.

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