RKF in Action: From the Dump to the Head of the Class




When you think of the Reliv Kalogris Foundation, you might think of thousands of children fed through hundreds of feeding centers in nine countries around the world. While we are very proud of those numbers, we are proudest of the difference the RKF is making in the lives of each individual child, every one with a story uniquely his or her own.

Hailey is 5. She just graduated at the top of her kindergarten class at the RKF House in Cavite, Philippines, under the direction of Sister Beth Perez from Jesus King of Kings Lord of Lords Christian Feeding Ministry. Hailey used to live in the garbage dump in Caviate, where folks scratch through the garbage hoping to find recyclable goods to exchange for enough money to buy food for the day. When Hailey moved in with her grandmother, she was within walking distance of Sister Beth’s school, where she now attends five days a week and drinks her Reliv Now for Kids shake every morning.

Sister Beth is committed to serving kids just like Hailey, giving them a chance for an education, socialization and the dignity that each child deserves. Hailey is a star pupil and is ready for her next venture as any child in the Philippines. Thanks, Sister Beth! And congratulations, Hailey, on a job well done!

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