Reliv December 2015 Recognition



What a finish in 2015! Reliv congratulates the winners of the Grand Escape promotion in November and December 2015. We will all meet in Cancun, Mexico, in April! The Top 30 Master Affiliates in volume expanded to 32. Two of the new Master Affiliates who earned the trip through a drawing were sponsored by Top 30 Volume winners. So – we added a 31st and a 32nd place!


David & Betty Blazic from Kansas
Rene’ & Danny Britt from Texas
Norma & Peter Carlozzi from California
Pam & Jeff Channell from Massachusetts
Stephanie & Paul Collins from New Hampshire
Terry & Sally Cover from Pennsylvania
Lauren Dorman from Michigan
Trish & Doug Fischer from Colorado
Marvin & Mary Gehman from Pennsylvania
Al & Jan Hagopian from Wisconsin
Mary Ann & Kirk Harvey from Washington
Diane & Kevin Helmold from Illinois
Blanca & Arthur Hernandez from Arizona
Kecia & Dwight Holder from Oklahoma
Steve & Joyce Holthaus from Illinois
Mindy Jones from Georgia
Doris & Henry Leissing from North Carolina
Elmira Mikaelian from California
Jonathan & Sharon Miller from Colorado
Julie Moeller from California
Rita & Jaime Montenegro from California
Aurora & Raul Paredes from Texas
Peggy Perry from Massachusetts
Sherri Selman from Georgia
Cynthia & Bret Smith from Michigan
Maureen & Ken Soens from Michigan
Sandie & Al Sopko from Arizona
Kathy Tennihan from South Carolina
Eileen & Jim Tesch from Michigan
Amy & Mark Thomas from Pennsylvania
Dawn & David Vanamberg from Michigan
Scott & Dawn Weaver from Pennsylvania


  1. Maria De La Cruz & Jose Manuel Onofre Cortez from Georgia and sponsor Maria Pilar Bustos from Georgia
  2. Dulcie Hahn from California and sponsor Esther Nevarez from California
  3. Cecilia & Slavko Miskic from California and sponsors Jorge & Amparo Marles from Texas
  4. Kim Sanders from Illinois and sponsors Diane & Kevin Helmold from Illinois
  5. Katie Weaver from Pennsylvania and sponsors Neal & Beverly Weaver from Pennsylvania


  1. Georgina Rivera and Alejandro González from Guadalajara, Jalisco
  2. Nora Islas and Eloy González from San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo Léon
  3. Marbeya Torres and Roberto Sánchez from Culiacán, Sinaloa
  4. Maria Alicia Acuna from Culiacán, Sinaloa


Congratulations to everyone who used this promotion to advance their momentum as we finished a fantastic year. No time to stop now! Finish January strong and prepare for all of the announcements coming on February 1.

Make sure you know about what’s coming so you can act on it fast!

Let’s Go!

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