Reliv Recognition: November 2015



As 2015 comes to a close, we congratulate all of you who have been recognized for moving your businesses forward this year. Whether new to Reliv or a long-term partner, you have helped to make a difference in our mission to Nourish Our World.

Many of you are looking to close the year strong and maybe even earn a trip to Cancun! We will certainly celebrate ‘reading your name’ on a special Monday night call, January 11, as you dream of lying on the beach via an all-expenses paid trip with many other Reliv friends (and a few of us) in recognition of your achievement. 

Today, we also wish to recognize those who are leading the charge with a November to remember! Reliv Cheers to the following:

10. Esther Nevarez from California $250
9. Maria Pilar Bustos from Georgia $300
8. Maria Carmen & Roberto Pina from Arizona $350
7. Maria Victoria Santos from Ohio $400
6. Rose Hostetter from Pennsylvania $450
5. Sandra Butikofer from Iowa $500
4. Allen Stauffer from Ohio $600
3. Otto Monterrey & Maylin Salvadora Ramirez from Florida $700
2. Betty & Cliff Holborn from Canada $800
1. Elmira Mikaelian from California $1000

ROOKIE BONUS SPONSOR WINNERS: (each receives $100)
Karla & Michael Ans from Canada
Beverly & Terry Bauman from Pennsylvania
Marscia & Jeff Fleagle from Ohio
Ura & Betty Gingerich from Missouri
Rebecca Haddix from California
Feliciano Mendoza from Texas
Catalina Olalde & Carlos Tapia from Georgia
Elita Oganesyan from California
Abdel Salem from Florida

Diane & Kevin Helmold from Illinois
Aurora & Raul Paredes from Texas
Amy & Mark Thomas from Pennsylvania
Dawn & David Vanamberg from Michigan


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